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Manoa Faculty Senate Executive Committee Minutes of November 14, 2005

Present: SEC: Chairman Robert Bley-Vroman, Bill Lampe, Jim Tiles and Robert Valliant.

Absent: Noel Kent, Barry Raleigh, Martha Staff

Invited: VCRGE Gary Ostrander 2:00-2:30, VCAFO Cathy Cutshaw 2:30-3:00

Senate Secretary Charlotte Mitsutani was present.

  1. Meeting with VCRGE Gary Ostrander

    VCRGE Ostrander reported that he had no problem with the SEC's No. 6 on the ``not-con-if'' resolution.

    He said that he had reported to the Committee on Research on RTRF. He also said that in the future he wanted to add structure to the Congressional request and that he would be looking for sustainability in projects.

    Other items:

  2. Meeting with VCAFO Cathy Cutshaw

    VCAFO Cutshaw discussed the Supplemental Budget. She admitted that the process had been flawed, but that it was what we had now. She emphasized that process was important. That is what MBAG (Manoa Budget Advisory Group) had been about. She anticipated that the upcoming audit report from the State Auditor would criticize the University for having no process.

    VCAFO and the SEC discussed the upcoming informational meeting with the State House Higher Education Committee. Chair Thomas Waters called the meeting. It will be held at Hemingway Theater, Tuesday, Nov 29, 1-4pm. It will be an open forum with Chair Waters serving as moderator.

    The SEC asked about the format, about who should attend and who should speak. The committee decided that Tiles would speak on behalf of the SEC.

  3. Approval of Oct 31 minutes

    The minutes of Oct 31 were approved with changes.

  4. Chair's Report
    1. Meeting with Interim Chancellor Denise Konan Bley-Vroman emphasized that the priority was clarifying the relationship of the System President and Manoa Chancellor. Afterwards, the search could proceed. The Chancellor wanted a statement about the search because people were beginning to ask questions. Something could be said about the chair and the composition of the committee. Bley-Vroman would explain that to the Manoa Executive Team meeting on Tuesday, Nov 15. The SEC discussed the authority of the chair of the search committee. Did he have the authority to sign the contract for a search firm? Did he have staff and equipment for the committee? This brought up the question of Manoa's ability to conduct executive searchs. Currently, it must depend upon the Interim President's Office for support.
    2. Manoa-System Relationship

      The Interim Chancellor could not attend this meeting but wanted to give a report to the SEC and/or the Faculty Senate on what she is doing to clarify the Manoa-System relationship.

      • JABSOM

        The JABSOM dean now reports to the Manoa Chancellor's Office, not to the President's Office. The Chancellor's Office has also taken over the search for a new dean. The Interim President no longer goes to meetings about JABSOM. Currently, the JABSOM dean reports to the Interim Chancellor, not to the VCRGE.

      • ACC Student Housing Project

        The Chancellor's Office has also taken over the new committee on the American Campus Communities - UHM joint student housing project. That means the System Director of Capital Improvements, Jan Yokota, now reports to the Interim Chancellor on this project.

      • Hiring a project manager

        The Interim Chancellor has hired a project manager as an emergency hire.

      • Asserting control over college-level legislative work
      • Campus events
      • Fund raising
      • Security

        The Interim Chancellor got the BOR to remove the question of arrest powers of Campus Security from the agenda because Manoa is developing its own policy.

  5. Business of the Day
    1. Secret Ballot.

      The Committee on Faculty Service chair, Linda Cox, will move for a secret ballot. CFS will prepare the ballots, seat the senators in a special section up front to make it easier to count, and count the ballots.

    2. Order of the Meeting

      The order of the Senate meeting of November 16 will be

      1. adopt the agenda
      2. approval of minutes
      3. chair's report
      4. explanation of how the meeting will run
      5. motion for a secret ballot
      6. debate of the resolutions
    3. Revision of Resolution No. 2.

      In addition to minor wording changes, No. 6 was changed to read

      Concerns identified by the SEC outside counsel's report must be addressed to the satisfaction of the Committee on Research (COR) before forwarding to the Board of Regents and the COR must report to the Senate how they have been addressed.

    4. Appointments to CAPP

      The SEC decided to appoint the following to CAPP I-Bei Lin (Music), Anna Ah Sam (Office of Student Equity, Excellence, Diversity), Richard Chadwick (Political Science), Krystyna Aune (Speech), Ron Bontekoe (Philosophy), and Marcelo Kobayashi (Mechanical Engineering). Sarita Rai (Study Abroad) will be in reserve in case one of the others cannot serve.

  6. Committee Reports

    COA (Lampe) The Committee on Athletics declined to act on the question of rules governing alcohol consumption or bad behavior at football games. The Athletics Advisory Board should take care of that.

    The COIA representative will not be going to the meeting national meeting.

    COA will appoint a representative to the Subcommittee on Admissions

The meeting adjourned at 5:40pm.

Faithfully submitted
Robert Valliant

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