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Manoa Faculty Senate Executive Committee Minutes of November 21, 2005

Present: SEC: Vice Chair Jim Tiles, Noel Kent, Bill Lampe, Barry Raleigh, Martha Staff and Robert Valliant (3:00-4:00)

Absent: Robert Bley-Vroman

Invited: VCAA Neal Smatresk, 2:00-3:00

Senate Secretary Charlotte Mitsutani was present.

  1. Meeting with VCAA Neal Smatresk (provided by VC Tiles)

    In the course of implementing a degree audit program (``Star Academic Journey'') the VCAA's office had tried to alter policy on repeated courses. This had generated a clash with CAPP, but the dispute was now moot because Banner (the basis of the audit program) could not handle the proposed change (repeat courses to be assigned average of grades but no more than three credits.) The SEC emphasized to the VCAA the importance of consultation on such proposed changes and offered to work out arrangements to expedite them if more such issues should arise.

    The VCAA wishes to enter into consultation with the Senate and UHPA representative over a policy that would mandate a common a form (with scope for variation) for student evaluation of courses. This would amount to the requirement that all faculty use an improved version of CAFE along with whatever other instrument they fancied. The matter will be referred to CAPP and CFA.

    The VCAA is seeking an automatic way to flag courses not taught in the past five years (decreasing in short order to four years). These courses will need an updated course description to remain on the books. Along with this the VCAA wishes to see special justification for any degree program that has had fewer than ten majors in the past five years. The SEC expects CAPP to be kept abreast of developments.

    The VCAA noted that there will be an Institutional WASC proposal due in September 06, and that he wanted any input the SEC cared to provide. SEC suggested that he send a letter in January 06, asking for input by May.

    There was also a discussion about the need for VCAA to allow sufficient time for the Senate to act on items he submits for review.

    The conversation ended with the VCAA explaining efforts to seek ``buy-in'' to the honors program (and the proposal for an honors college) from the Deans.

  2. Approval of Nov 14 minutes

    The minutes of Nov 14 were approved.

  3. Vice Chair's Report
    1. System Policy on Financial Aid

      Interim Vice President for Academic Planning and Policy Linda Johnsrud is drawing up a policy on financial aid. Financial aid at Manoa will shift from merit-based to about 50% merit- and 50% needs-based. The System appears to be telling Manoa how to do it. VP Johnsrud will send the new policy to CAPP for review.

      The Vice President admitted that this was not her policy responsibility. The SEC agreed.

      After discussion, the SEC decided to refer the ``question'' of a financial aid policy and the appropriate balance to CAPP and CSA, but not VP Johnsrud's proposed policy.

    2. New Vice Chancellor

      Rodney Sakaguchi will be a new vice chancellor. Interim President David McClain took the appointment to the BOR.

    3. Centennial Theme

      The Community Partnership is trying to come up with the theme for the Centennial celebration. Some suggested ``sustainability'', but that word appears to have become to politicized at the Legislature.

    4. ACCFSC Resolution on State Funding of Education

      All Campus Council of Faculty Senate Chairs has called for faculty senates to pass resolutions asking the State Legislature to spend the current surplus on education (rather than returning it in tax cuts), in particular to spend it on the deteriorating physical plant of the various campuses. Several community college senates have already adopted such resolutions. (The topic was raised at the October ACCFSC meeting in Hilo.)

      The SEC decided to adopt some variation of the Leeward resolutions to present to the Faculty Senate on Dec. 12. Vice Chair Tiles and Raleigh will make up the resolution.

  4. Business of the Day
    1. The SEC decided not to meet with anyone but Interim Chancellor Denise Konan on Nov. 28.
    2. Agenda for Dec 7 Meeting

      CAPP will have resolutions on Law and Society Undergraduate Certificate and on Telecommunications and Entrepreneurship.

      Vice Chair Tiles said that he would check with the Committee on Research about a possible resolution.

    3. Committee Reports

      CSA (Staff): Met and discussed alcohol policy. The Chair will write a brief memo in support of the current policy on alcohol in the dorms.

      CAB (Raleigh): Nothing.

      CFS (Raleigh): Discussed JABSOM representation on CAB.

      Lampe brought up the UHARI discussion about the UARC vote. Although the group of researchers has no official standing, it may decide to take a position. It is afraid of what the vote might mean for academic freedom. Roger Lukas, UHARI chair, is meeting with the Interim Chancellor.

The meeting adjourned at 4:00pm.

Faithfully submitted
Robert Valliant

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