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Manoa Faculty Senate Executive Committee Minutes of January 9, 2006

(approved 1/23/06)

Bley-Vroman presided, with SEC members Kent, Lampe, Staff, Tiles and Ramsey present.

Minutes were approved subject to email corrections.

Bley-Vroman reported that he will continue as the CFS liaison and that Ramsey is the CAB liaison. He also reported that CFS recommends a special election to replace Barry Raleigh on the SEC. He discussed the solicitation from the faculty of nominations for the Chancellor's Search Committee; the President's upcoming UARC meeting on January 21; and administrative overlap between Manoa and the system.

Bley-Vroman and Lampe will engage Smatresk about the rationale for an Evaluations Task Force.

The SEC extended the deadline for faculty nominations to the Chancellor's Search Committee to 4:30 p.m. this Friday, January 13. The SEC will meet at 3 p.m. on Monday, MLK Day, to act upon the nominations.

The SEC set an agenda for the January Senate meeting. The Chair will report about the Chancellor's search, a special election and perhaps administrative overlap between Manoa and the system. CAB will bring 3 resolutions about housing, management of cash balances, and retirees. Tentatively, CPM might have a resolution about no-green-card ambiguously-tenure-track faculty.

The SEC agreed with the recommendation of CFS that Barry Raleigh's vacancy should be filled by a special election. Bley-Vroman will inquire about the mechanics of such an election and whether we can do it electronically. It appears that it will be a two-stage process: nominations and then a vote about a short list.

Ramsey (as CAB liaison) was asked to research the status of a "budgeting task force" about "performance metrics" for spending "tuition revenue".

Committee reports:

CAPP: working on an interdisciplinary Ph.D. with no departmental location

GenEd: doesn't plan to act upon the Senate's request about reviewing language waivers

CPM: non-green-card faculty

COR: looking at UARC

Student Affairs: meetings with Konan and Iwaoka are scheduled; reviewing the system's policies for scholarships

CAB: three resolutions to the January Senate meeting

CFS: decided in favor of a special election

Meeting with VCRGE Ostrander

After the meeting, the SEC met with Vice Chancellor Ostrander from about 4 p.m. to 6 p.m.

  1. 1.Ostrander will visit three universities to study how they manage research grants, because what we do with ORS is not working. All three sites to be visited have moved grant administration off-campus.
  2. 2.He described the good reception that the Rembrandt show had in the community and plans to have an impressionist show in early 2007, with a better venue for viewing.
  3. 3.He is addressing the shortage of office and research space vigorously. Many people from diverse departments have now moved into the biomed building. For about $5 million one can convert a courtyard of the biomed building to office and research space. About $9 million is now available for such renovation.
  4. 4.He discussed raising endowment funds for scholarships to encourage talented undergraduates to study in Hawaii. About $50,000 would fund an annual scholarship that would subsidize a students' research over four years (this is similar to the current Regents' and Presidential scholarships, except the latter are restricted to Hawaii high school students).
  5. 5.He discussed funding undergraduate research projects, say about 30 per year, at about $3000 per project.
  6. 6.He discussed the Liberal Arts Initiative, for which $300,000 to $500,000 has been planned per year. He answered questions about CRC, Lyon Arboretum, gene research, and the medical school.

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