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Manoa Faculty Senate Executive Committee Minutes of January 30, 2006

Bley-Vroman presided, with SEC members Kent, Lampe, Staff and Tiles present

Minutes for January 23 were approved with amendments.

The Chair reported

  1. On the status of the Chancellor Search Committee. (Changes in views about what constitutes "reporting to the Chancellor" have altered some options for appointments to the committee. The SEC reviewed its choices and advised the Chair on how to proceed.)
  2. On his conversation with President McClain.
  3. On the meeting held with the University-Community Partnership. (The Partnership will meet less frequently. It continues to operate in a state of confusion, thinking of itself as partnering Manoa while holding conversations exclusively with System officials, in particular the President.)

Committee Reports

  1. It was reported that the CFS has closed nominations in the special election for the SEC. It is hoped that the new electronic voting procedures will permit a more expeditious election for the Senate (for AY 2006-7), as nominations should have begun by now, were we still relying on traditional technologies.
  2. CAPP met with the VCAA and learned that courses taken out of the catalogue because they have not been taught in the past four years will be consigned to an electronic limbo, from which they may be resurrected without having to go through the review process to which new courses are normally subjected.
  3. The Banner system is now able to implement the University's policy regarding repeated courses.

  4. GEC is undertaking an initiative regarding cooperation over, and articulation of, Hawaiian-Asian-Pacific Focus Courses.
  5. Members of the CPM met with members of the SEC on Friday and worked out agreed wording for the resolution on non-permanent U.S. resident faculty.
  6. There was a discussion of how to get CoR or possibly CPM started on formulating a proprietary research policy.
  7. The CSA will revisit the campus alcohol policy
  8. The Chair presented the draft of a model resolution regarding the appointment of a Vice-President for Student Affairs. Improvements were suggested to the model and it was agreed to refer the question to CSA and CAB. There was a discussion of how best to press for an examination of the relationship between The University (meaning Manoa) and the System.

In new business it was decided to ask Tom Schroeder to present Manoa's disaster preparedness policy to the Faculty Congress and to invite Wayne Iwaoka to discuss preparedness for a Flu pandemic.

The meeting adjourned at 4:45 p.m.

J Tiles

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