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Manoa Faculty Senate Executive Committee Draft Minutes of February 6, 2006

Bley-Vroman presided for about 20 minutes, with SEC members Kent, Lampe, Staff, Tiles and Ramsey present. Tiles lead the meeting after Bley-Vroman left.

Bley-Vroman reported about the Chancellor's Search Committee and other matters such as the President's pending decision about UARC. He then left to meet with an out-of-state consulting team that is reviewing facilities management.

Minutes were adopted for the Jan. 30 meeting (prepared by adjunct secretary Tiles).

A tentative agenda for the February Senate meeting was set.

VC Smatresk visited; he was queried about interactions between system and campus administrations.

The SEC explored numerous facets of the relation between system and campus.

  1. Should the system be off-campus (the campus is short at least one instructional building and one research building)?
  2. We need job descriptions that would facilitate searches for both chancellor and president.
  3. Can we use operational authority to define the kuleana of the campus administration?
  4. There is deep unhappiness among grant recipients with ORS.
  5. Conflicts persist due to having FMIS, HR, IT, and International Affairs entirely at the system level. Most seriously, the criticisms of the 2003 WASC Special Report remain largely uncorrected.

Ramsey conveyed Professor J. Efird's report that the new medical school building in Kakaako has water leaks (Efird chairs CAB). The SEC decided to ask VC Cutshaw whether the new building has some kind of "contractor's warranty".

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