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Manoa Faculty Senate Executive Committee Minutes of March 20, 2006

Chair Bley-Vroman called the meeting to order at 3 pm, with Kent, Lampe, Ramsey, Rutter, Staff, and Tiles present. Vice Chancellor Smatresk met with the SEC from 4:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. Vice Chancellor Smatresk discussed the reorganization of Archives and Special Collections in the UH Manoa library, WASC accreditation (a new cycle begins), a proposed center for public policy, an ad-hoc diversity committee, committees in general, the Manoa Distance Learning Committee vis--vis DLAC, and televised (closed circuit) classes.

Standard Items: Minutes were adopted. Bley-Vroman reported on discussions about having a vice president for student affairs, discussions with the Board of Regents and the All-Campus Council of Faculty Senate Chairs. He reported on a recent breakfast meeting of the University Community Partnership (which President McClain attends, but not Chancellor Konan; Konan "has" the Manoa Forum retreat). Bley-Vroman described names for the system that would reflect its many missions, e.g. Hawaii State Higher Education System.

A proposal for a B. A. in Women's Studies was received. The SEC will ask that it go to Arts & Sciences PCC (but probably not A&S SEC) first, and that reports and decisions of the Arts & Sciences faculty bodies be made a part of the application.

The SEC asked Bley-Vroman to seek written consensus from A&S governing bodies about what is routinely routed to PCC and what (also) goes to the A&S SEC. Bley-Vroman will try to articulate a paradigm that "new units" and "administrative changes" go to the A&S SEC while (academic) programs/degrees/certificates need only go to PCC. The SEC noted that this division of duties is artificial and perhaps unworkable, but will request that routing be clarified.

The current chair of Arts and Sciences SEC does not want to review the latest version of a proposed center for public policy. Moreover, the current CAPP, in its AY 2005-2006 deliberations with an updated proposal, did not receive the report by the A&S SEC of May 2005; that report expressed a (unanimous) vote against the center by the A&S SEC. The SEC decided to return the Center for Public Policy to CAPP, with the May 2005 A&S SEC vote and report, with this question: does the heretofore missing information make a difference?

The SEC referred to CPM the issue of P&T criteria for clinical faculty in JABSOM.

The SEC received a request from physicist Michael Jones for a coherent statement about classified research. It was suggested that Jones might join the Committee on Research to begin this process.

The SEC received a request from Amarjit Singh that faculty spouses be allowed to use university athletic facilities. Bley-Vroman will write a memo to Chancellor Konan making this request.

The SEC received a memo from the Library Senate Chair indicating that they had no objection to the reorganization of Archives and Special Collections, but they have concerns about consultation within the UH Manoa Library. The SEC saw no reason for the Manoa Faculty Senate to consider the matter further, and informed the chancellor of this.

The SEC received a report about the Senate election from CFS.

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