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Manoa Faculty Senate Executive Committee Minutes of March 27 2006

Chair Bley-Vroman called the meeting to order at 3 pm, with Kent, Lampe, Ramsey, Rutter, Staff, and Tiles present. The meeting was held at Bley-Vroman's home in Manoa due to the state holiday.

Standard Items: The review of minutes was postponed. Bley-Vroman reported on a proposed legislative resolution in favor of having a vice president for student affairs. Noel Kent volunteered to testify at the Legislature against the resolution on behalf of the SEC.

The SEC discussed the Senate election and publishing vote numbers. It decided to review the matter again on April 3. So far, one mistake in the election has been noted (a mistake without consequence) and a petition has been received about assignment to constituencies. The SEC has learned that holding an election, even electronically, is labor intensive due to the need to compile voter lists. Annual compilation remains necessary because faculty change status with relatively high frequency, and faculty with split appointments get to choose their constituency; moreover, various lists (telephonic, departmental, decanal, etc.) can be inconsistent. Simply put, the compilation of voter lists is hard work. Some of this difficulty might be resolved by embedding useful definitions into the charter or by-laws, or adopting empowerment language that gives appropriate committees clearer instructions on how to compile the lists (or wider latitude to do so).

The SEC appointed retiree members to standing committees, as recommended by the retirees' association.

The SEC decided to ask COR to prepare an overview of external funding for the September meeting of the Senate, in sufficient detail to make clear the level and sources of funding and percentage of unit budgets.

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