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Manoa Faculty Senate Executive Committee Minutes of April 3, 2006

Chair Bley-Vroman called the meeting to order at 3 pm, with Kent, Lampe, Ramsey, Rutter, Staff, and Tiles present.

Standard Items: Minutes were reviewed and adopted for the meetings of March 20 and 27. Bley-Vroman reported on a House Higher Education Committee hearing about a proposed legislative resolution in favor of having a vice president for student affairs. Both he and Noel Kent testified at the hearing on behalf of the SEC, in opposition to having a vice-president for student affairs. Bley-Vroman reported on the March 30 flooding and various administrative responses. Committee liaisons reported. GenEd is discussing diversification requirements and articulation of them. CAPP and COA had not met recently; CAPP will be receiving A&S Senate documents about a proposed center for public policy in time for their April meeting; COA had not discussed the recent news about some football players losing their scholarships due to poor academic performance. CAB would be meeting in two days: its liaison was asked to take several items to it---follow-up on leaks at the new Kakaako buildings and possible co-sponsorship of a COR resolution about flooding. COR is drafting a flood resolution. CSA is discussing enrollment management.

The SEC decided to meet with all VC for Student candidates and to submit an over-all assessment on behalf of the SEC; the SEC will schedule the interviews so that a fixed subset of three or more SEC members attends all the interviews.

The liaison to CFS transmitted CFS's ruling on the informal petition from 9 faculty members regarding constituencies 13 and 15. CFS decided that it was impractical to repeat the Senate election (for those two constituencies) but will review constituencies as soon as possible. The SEC urges CFS to meet with the petitioners. By a vote of 3 yes, 2 no, and 2 abstained, the SEC endorsed CFS's ruling on the petition.

The Senate election was certified by a unanimous vote. The SEC thanked CFS for its hard work on the elections.

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