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Manoa Faculty Senate Executive Committee Minutes of April 10, 2006

Chair Bley-Vroman called the meeting to order at 3 pm, with Kent, Lampe, Ramsey, Rutter, Staff, and Tiles present. Prior to the meeting, the SEC met with Vice-Chancellor Ostrander for one hour; a precis of this meeting is on page 2. After the meeting, the SEC met with Chancellor Konan for an hour; a precis of this meeting is on page 2.

Standard Items: Minutes were reviewed and adopted for the meeting of April 3. Committee liaisons reported. GenEd is discussing diversification requirements and articulation of them. COA anticipates a visit from Peter Nicholson (Faculty Athletic Representative). CAPP will be meeting April 12 to consider a proposed center on public policy and a memo about a proposed interdisciplinary Ph.D. without a departmental home. CFS provided names for two committees and outlined voting procedures for new SEC members. CAB asked SEC to deal with an informally proposed center for faculty retirees. CSA may have a resolution supporting enrollment management. COR may consider a resolution written by the University Librarian without input from either the Library Faculty Senate or the Manoa Faculty Senate.

A possible agenda for the April 19 Senate meeting was outlined: Sustainability Council (Mary Tiles), perhaps two flood-related resolutions from COR, perhaps an enrollment management resolution from CSA, perhaps two resolutions from CAPP concerning a proposed center for public policy and an associated certificate. The SEC noted that the public policy certificate has its “home” in a center that doesn’t yet exist. If the Senate rejects the center, it was decided to try tabling the certificate so that it could be drafted with some other home and reintroduced later (if its proponents so desired).

In direct and immediate consultation with Chancellor Konan, the SEC and Chancellor Konan jointly appointed Robert Paull and Judith Inazu to the search committee for a Vice Chancellor for Administration, Finance and Operations.

After consulting with VC Smatresk about the duties of the WASC Steering Committee, the SEC appointed Susan Hippensteele and SEC member Sara Rutter to it.

Vice Chancellor Ostrander discussed the following:

  1. The JABSOM Dean search: RFP issued for search firms; position description done
  2. The SOEST Dean search: two candidates, some decision soon
  3. The search for the Lyon Arboretum director: Vassilios Syrmos and Andrew Rossiter co-chair; focus on research, P-12 relations, and university-level teaching
  4. The PBRC director search and the mission of PBRC
  5. The internal administration discussion about how to educate the UHM community about UHM classified research projects. At the present time, none of these have publication restrictions but restrictions on some details about the data collection. For example, one SOEST researcher does completely general oceanography but has collected data courtesy of the U.S. Navy from on-board a submarine that travels under the Arctic ice cap. The research conclusions are freely published; only the some details of the voyage and equipment are secret. Ostrander is in discussions with Michael Jones about classified research at UHM.
  6. UARC questions should be directed to two system-level administrators, Dan Ishii and Ruth Tsujimura.
  7. The Chancellor should make dean-level appointments.
  8. The Undergraduate Research Program: the selection committee consists of new assistant professors, partly to facilitate cross-fertilization among disciplines at an early point in careers.
  9. The undergraduate research symposium: this is helping students to visualize what kind of research they might do.
  10. Kaunana, a publication that will advertise UHM research. It might be published several times a year. He showed page proofs of the first edition.

Chancellor Konan discussed the following:

  1. UHM is a founding member of APAIE (approximately, Asia-Pacific Association for International Education). At the recent APAIE conference in Korea, she was pleased to meet both graduates from both linguistics and economics in position of great authority in their home countries.
  2. De-convolution and the “push-back” being sought by President McClain.
  3. Whether to be a candidate for permanent chancellor.
  4. The fall enrollment may be slightly down, perhaps 6%.
  5. Appointments to the search committee for VCAFO.
  6. Biennium budget process. The UHM budget proposal is now on the web, and will be discussed at the Manoa Council the next day (April 11, 1 to 3 p.m.).