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Manoa Faculty Senate Executive Committee Minutes of June 26, 2006

The meeting was called to order by M. Staff at 3:05. Attending were Bley-Vroman, Cox, Lampe, Harrigan and Staff.

The Minutes of June 19 were approved as amended.

Regarding the Chancellor’s search committee, Bley-Vroman reported that a search firm has been selected. VPAPP Johnsrud is the designated contact in the President’s office and the committee will be meeting with her for input. The search firm will develop a “challenge statement” which will be used to expand upon the position description. The committee has been discussing minimum and desirable qualifications.

The SEC discussed Chair Tiles suggestion to remove a seat from the GEC board, which had been filled from a committee no longer operating. SEC decided to approve the move, pending an ok from GEC liaison Chin.

The SEC discussed term limits for non-senators serving on standing committees. It was agreed that the “spirit” of the by-laws was to limit all members to 4 years. However, there is no written statement on this issue. A non-senator who has already served 4 years and wants to extend for a 5th year will be allowed to do so, but will be told that the SEC intends to formalize a limitation matching the member limitation, for next year.

Harrigan asked about the future of ORS. She was concerned about the lack of staff and technology to handle the new NSF procedures. JABSOM had offered ORS space and computers to help out, but the offer was refused. The SEC decided to call on VC Ostrander, who was immediately available to consult. He reported that new resources would soon be available with the appointment of a new director and up to 10 new staff to be hired from RTRF funds. Staffing level has never been increased although research funding levels have quadrupled in recent years.

Committee Referrrals: To CAPP: suggestion to review Outreach College issues. To CoA: Athletic Dept. deficit and plans to recover. To CSA: student fee proposals. To CFS: Constituency membership study

Parking for Kakaako members on the SEC: A draft proposal for the Chancellor was approved by the SEC and will be forwarded to the Chancellor.

The meeting was adjourned at 5:00 pm.

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