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Manoa Faculty Senate Executive Committee Minutes of July 24, 2006

The SEC meeting was called to order by Chair Tiles at 3:00 p.m.. Attending were Chin, Harrigan, Kent, Rutter and Staff.

The Minutes of July 17 were approved.

Chair Tiles reported on the actions and discussion items of interest from the BOR meeting of July 20.

Rutter reported that she had attended the presentations of the first two of three finalists for Lyon Arboretum director. The third candidate’s presentation had to be rescheduled anad the date was not yet announced. M. Staff reported she had attended the presentation of the second candidate from UC Irvine.

Kent reported that three finalists for the Assistant VC for Academic Personnel position would be on campus August 20-22. The names have not been made public.

Tiles suggested that the second parking pass be secured at JABSOM, since it is intended for faculty from that campus. Harrigan agreed to take the pass to the security office for safekeeping and to establish a check-out and check-in procedure.

The SEC discussed the plan for the BOR to award a posthumous Regent’s Medal of Distinction to Alice Ball. The SEC felt the Ball nomination was probably appropriate, but called into question the lack of any formal guidelines for selecting academic awardees. The BOR appears to have no guidelines or formal process for external review and approval of a nominee. The SEC agreed that external review and Senate confirmation of nominees should be standard. (In the case of Alice Ball’s nomination, a “committee” of reviewers was selected by the VCAA who were invited to participate by email correspondence, the committee never met in person, and composition of the committee was not revealed, even to its members. The SEC felt that a more defined and transparent procedure should be developed. Tiles will draft a memo to send to VCAA Smatresk encouraging him to recommend to the BOR that a formal procedure to select and confirm BOR academic awards be developed.

The SEC discussed the need to make progress on a Faculty Handbook this year. It was agreed that Tiles would draft a memo to the Chancellor, asking for permission to recruit a faculty member with skills and interest in coordinating the development of a new on-line Faculty handbook. The proposal will ask for a one-course workload reduction (or equivalent reduction for a non-instructional faculty) during spring 2007 semester for the faculty member. During fall 2006, and the selected person would attend meetings and collect written materials from a variety of sources (BOR and academic grievance policy, existing codes of conduct, the faculty contract, etc.)

The meeting was adjourned at 4:30 pm.

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