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Manoa Faculty Senate Executive Committee Minutes of July 31, 2006

Present: Chin, Harrigan, Kent, Ramsey, Rutter, Staff and Tiles.

The SEC meeting was called to order by Chair Tiles at 3:05 p.m.

The Minutes of July 24 were approved.

Chair Tiles stated that VC Cutshaw would be attending the meeting to report on and discuss the Facilities Review reports (both APPA and the Ad Hoc Committee Reports).

Tiles asked Rutter to report on the Lyon Arboretum candidates. She noted the third candidate spoke while the SEC had been meeting last week and she missed it. The SEC members noted that the search committee for this position was constituted withour MFS representation through the CFS. The public addresses of the candidates did not appear to be well advertised. The SEC agreed that a memo would be written to administration about this matter.

Tiles reported he and Harrigan had met with the Chancellor to discuss some of the issues Harrigan had already mentioned to the SEC while Tiles was away. Discussion included various communication problems and inaccurate information is circulating about the JABSOM's fiscal situation, and issues relating to leadership. At the time of the meeting the Chancellor had not made a decision on who would be appointed interim Dean.

The SEC approved several new appointments to the GEC.

Tiles reported he had asked Prof. Leslie Wright (Music) to be liaison to the campus center student group that contacted him about the faculty dining room/lounge. She had agreed.

The following items were discussed with Cutshaw:

  1. The APPA report was released to SEC and CAB. It will probably not be posted due to its length, but it will be available for review, possibly in the library, for interested parties. The Ad-Hoc Committee report is released and will be posted online.
  2. Cutshaw saw 5 themes in the APPA report: organizational issues, operational issues, lack of data for planning and evaluation, human resource issues, and leadership issues. Cutshaw has several immediate action items, that include developing a web interface for work orders, a financial audit, a reorganization under a new Associate VC for Facilities to be advertised soon, professional development training for facilities personnel, and preparing for an energy summit (probably October) with HECO. Cutshaw wants input from CAB on what else can be done soon. She agreed that it may be helpful to invite some of the facilties division leaders to speak with SEC to increase visibility and community of the response. She also noted that there is a new chief of security, Neil Sakamoto, who comes with 16 years of experience in the Sheriff's office.

The SEC meeting was adjourned at 5:05 p.m.

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