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Manoa Faculty Senate Executive Committee Minutes of August 14, 2006

The SEC meeting was called to order by Chair Tiles at 3:00 p.m.

Attending were Bley-Vroman, Chin, Cox, Kent, Ramsey, Rutter and Staff.

The Minutes of August 7 were approved with a few corrections.

Chair Tiles reported that he had met with Dean Garrod to ask if SEC could speak to the Graduate Senate. Garrod agreed that such a meeting could be scheduled perhaps in November. Tiles also urged members of the A & S Senate to think about their Charter, and look at whether the present organization is serving the colleges appropriately. He briefly reported on a recent Community Partnership meeting. Tiles asked FRAUM leadership whether the group would be willing to help raise funds for the faculty lounge to supplement a small budget that is set aside for renovation. He announced that Chin will accompany him to his regular meetings with the Chancellor. He noted that Chancellor Konan has organized a back to school event at Hawaii Hall lawn, August 23, for students and faculty.

The SEC discussed possible candidates for appointment to the Ethics committee and GEC and agreed to speak with these candidates to try to resolve the appointment by next week. After August 21, all committee appointments will be handled by the newly formed CFS. Heather Crislip had forwarded a request to SEC to help her select faculty to serve on a "ChancellorŐs Working Group on Student Rights/Responsibilities." Tiles will ask two candidates if they would agree to serve.

The SEC agreed that Tiles should make a third request to meet with President McClain to discuss issues related to UARC and research relations/support. A memo will be drafted to go to McCLain via Chancellor Konan.

SEC members agreed to begin organizing committees, and to invite the new chairs to meet with the SEC within a few weeks.

Bley-Vroman noted that the Bylaws need updating to allow for the kind of elections the MFS has been running.

The FAR will be invited to next week's meeting to speak with the SEC. One topic will be the Auburn scandal. This matter will be referred to CoA for discussion on how to avoid such a scandal here.

Tiles noted that the student retention expert coming to campus (Teresa Farnum) had been scheduled to meet with SEC for lunch on Sept. 18 and would meet with CAPP on Sept. 19. Tiles has also been invited to the exit meeting on Sept. 19.

The SEC decided to organize and immediately advertise a Faculty Congress meeting on August 30. This Congress will allow for faculty to hear about the ChancellorŐs search and to provide input to Bley-Vroman, Search Chair.

The SEC adjourned at 4:30 p.m. for informal discussion with the Chancellor.

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