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Manoa Faculty Senate Committee on Research (COR)

Nov 8, 2006

Members in attendance: David Duffy, Michael Garcia (scribe), Michael Jones, Justin Levinson, Dore Minatodani, Rodney Morales, Norma Jean Stodden, Roy Wilkens (chair), Lawrence Zane

Absent: Patricia Donegan

SEC liaison: Rosanne Harrigan

Minutes: The minutes of the 6 October 2006 COR meeting were approved.

Dr. Vassilis Syrmos, Associate Vice Chancellor for Research and Graduate Education, met with the committee for the first 30 minutes, to get opinions on the future courses of RCUH and ORS. The current plan is to move ORS duties to the Manoa campus as part of the UH system devolution plan. The hope is that the two organizations can work together and flourish. The timeline for “finding” a new cooperation scheme between these organizations is late 2007.

The committee mentioned RCUH has been an essential component of doing research at UHM and nothing should be done that would decrease the operation of RCUH in its flexibility and functionality. It was noted that it would be good to develop common forms and procedures between RCUH and ORS for contracts and grants.

Dr. Syrmos offered and the committee accepted his proposal to give regular updates on the progress on developing a new plan. He will give a report at the Jan. 2007 meeting.

Library resolutions. COR member Dore Minatodani provided the committee with background information on the three resolutions proposed by the Library faculty senate.

The library budget has been flat for many years in the face of rising costs of journals and books. There is a shortfall of $0.7 m for this academic year. Cutting book purchases effective 31Dec06 will reduce the deficit by $0.4 m. The resolutions attempt to address the immediate and long term needs for library funding.

The committee unanimously supported the resolution for "addressing inflationary increases" but tabled the other resolutions because of a need for additional information.

A request was made for a Library administrator, Paula Mochida, to attend our next meeting.

Classified Research. Chair Wilkens noted that there are only four investigators on UHM with security clearance sufficient to allow them to undertake classified research but the lack of a security facility made it unlikely that any classified research was being done currently at UHM. Michael Jones led discussion on this issue and referred to his 23 Oct. E-mail message to the committee. A wide spectrum of models exist for classified research at other educational institutions. The committee was requested to review the MIT plan that is available at the ftp site

Critical issues for classified research at UHM include timely publication of results (no delay greater than 90 days) and not allowing the sponsoring agency to veto publication of results.

Roy Wilkens and Michael Jones will confer about classified and proprietary research policy issues in preparation for the discussion at the next meeting.

At 3:10 pm it was decided to postpone discussion of this topic until our next meeting, which will be on 5 December at 10:30 am in POST 601. Michael Jones will be the scribe for this meeting.

Meeting was adjourned.

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