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Manoa Faculty Senate Committee on Research (COR)

Research Committee Meeting Minutes 5 Dec. 2006, POST 601

Attendance: Michael Jones (note-taker), Larry Zane, Rodney Morales, Dore Minatodori, Justin Levinson, Roseanne Harrigan (SEC liaison), Norma Jean Stodden, David Duffy, Roy Wilkens (chairperson)

Minutes: The meeting began about 1036 with the approval of the minutes of the 8 Nov. meeting.

SOEST & RTRF: Roy Wilkens distributed a 1-page handout on current SOEST personnel and funding sources for FY89, FY96, FY01, and FY06 to give committee members an example of the scale of a large research institute and the importance of RTRF to it. A brief discussion of RTRF and possible impacts of a diversion of even a small fraction of it to other uses (e.g. library support) followed.

Discussion of classified & proprietary research policy: Roy Wilkens reported briefly on discussions with Brian Taylor, Milton Garces, and Paul Lucey. Michael Jones mentioned discussions with Jeff Kuhn and John Madey. Comments were invited on the draft policy, which had been circulated by E-mail the previous week. A wide-ranging discussion ensued. Among the topics/issues were

need for detailed definitions of classified & proprietary research

potential sponsor conflicts with the suggested 90-day pre-publication review period

need to examine specific cases

need for faculty oversight

There were several expressed disagreements with some draft policy elements but there seemed to be a consensus on three aspects:

1) Classified research could not be part of theses and or used to support promotion and tenure applications.

2) To promote transparency and review, a list of classified contracts and brief information about them should be made available.

3) Students, graduate and undergraduate, should not be required to obtain security clearances.

This discussion will continue at the next meeting after more information is distributed to committee members.

Library: At about 1125, three library representatives (G. Geary, P. Mochida, and B. Schwarzwalder) joined the meeting to discuss the funding challenges. A handout titled "Budgetary Realignment in the UHM Libraries" and dated 3 Oct. 2006 was distributed. The immediate crisis was coping with the projected $1.5 million deficit this year and some additional funds have been obtained. However, as reported in the 8 Nov. meeting, some cuts in book purchases will be made. The handout addresses possible long-term changes to improve user services and thus reverse the library's decline in the ARL rankings. Because it seems unlikely that the library budget would increase from $14 million to $21 million over the next four years to maintain collections with current policies, a budget reallocation is being proposed. This reallocation would shift emphasis from collection/ownership of printed materials to electronic access and would use electronic techniques to make connections with related materials. The library's goal remains to provide the information that researchers need, but there is a general recognition by library personnel that more resources will be needed. They will meet with Vice-Chancellor Ostrander to discuss options including allocating 1% of RTRF to support the library. They want feedback from faculty about priorities (e.g. would the shift to electronic access have negative impacts in the humanities) and about how to find support for the library. In response to the 3 draft resolutions circulated to the committee last month, there seems to be a consensus that the committee supports more funding for the library to keep up with rising costs but that the Senate should not get involved in allocations of RTRF.

Adjournment: The meeting ended about 1215.

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