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Manoa Faculty Senate Minutes of September 20, 2006

September 20, 2006
Architecture 205

3 p.m.

Senators present:
Chizuko Allen, Cristina Bacchilega, Barry Baker, David Bangert, Helen Baroni, Ruth Bingham, Kimberly Binsted, Shana Brown, Ed Cadman, Lonny Carlile, John Casken, Paul Chandler, Healani Chang, Meda Chesney-Lind, David Chin, Jerome Comcowich, James Cowen, Linda Cox, Graham Crookes, Martha Crosby, Michael DeMattos, Milton Diamond, David Duffy, David Ericson, Mari-Jose Fassiotto, David Fritzinger, Donna Fukuda, Rosanne Harrigan, Thomas Hudson, Judith Inazu, Jean Johnson, Alan Katz, Noel Kent, Karl Kim, Rebecca Knuth, Marcelo Kobayashi, Williams Lampe, Justin Levinson, Richard Manshardt, John Mayer, Dennis McDougall, Dore Minatodani, Larry Nitz, Daniel Port, Barry Raleigh, Sara Rutter, Dave Sanders, Frank Sansone, Pauline Sheldon, Brent Sipes, Martha Staff, NJ Hemphill, Stodden, Jim Tiles, Mary Tiles, Lei Wakayama, Charlie Weems, Michael Weinstein, Anna Wieczorek, Lesley Wright, James Yates

Senators excused:
Patricia Donegan, Gordon Greene, Robert Paull, Chittaranjan Ray, Nancy Stockert, Sylvia Yuen

Senators absent:
Lee Buenconsejo-Lum, Nathan Chang, Darnell Cole, Jimmy Efird, Michael Garcia, Rick Kazman, Jeffrey Kuhn, Bruce Liebert, Lorenz Magaard, Joe Ramos, John Rieder, Jim Skouge, Steven Ward, Rok Wilkens, Kelley Withy

Welcome to senators and introduction of the members of the SEC

Approval of minutes of previous meeting May 3, 2006

Actions over the summer by SEC on behalf of Senate: appointments to GEC and its Boards -- Approved

Reports of standing committee chairs

CPM Chair Lonny Carlile--Major role this semester will be compiling the Faculty Handbook. An advertisement for a webmaster to put the content of the handbook on the web is attached to the packeet the senators received.

CFS Chair Mary Tiles--Duties involve appointing members to committees. Will be assessing constituencies. Still looking for members for the grievance committee and on awards

CA Chair Larry Nitz--Will study the "Auburn Problem" where many athletes were allowed to take directed reading courses that appeared to exist only on paper; our charge is to prevent similar problems here. Also CA will review the use of a "Haka," a Maori chant, by the football team. It is copyrighted and this could be a significant problem; also using the chant is/could be offensive to some.

GEC Chair Helen Baroni--Two out of nine members are Senators. Composed of five boards and subcommittees. Actually 39 members. Provides oversight on general education courses. Are reviewing all Foundations courses and Diversification classes, and will review whether the curriculum is working (indication that it is working: students are now graduating with fewer credits; and transfer students are graduating with an average of only six more credits than non-transfer students). Also working on simplification of GE guidelines.

COR David Duffy for Chair Roy Wilkins--Issues include Bioprospecting, Resolution on classified research, Taro/GMO's, ORS, RTRF

CAPP Chair Daniel Port--Meeting last Wednesday of each month. Two standing subcommittees (shortening summer session) admissions policy changes, disaster management certificate, summer session shortening(possible joint resolution with CSA on summer session)

CSA Chair Noel Kent--Advisement within the framework of retention, collaborating with student organizations, working to make faculty more of a player

CAB Karl Kim reporting for Chair Jimmy Efird--Continue to review APPA report, budget and performance measures, UH West Ohau Campus and impact on Manoa, and Background Statement and Resolution calling For A Financial Plan for the John A. Burns School of Medicine

Resolution Read by Dr, Kim
Committee on Administration and Budget


The Administration of the John A. Burns School of Medicine(JABSOM), in order to avoid deficit spending, has been given allocations of nearly $6 million more than any other Manoa program over the past four years. Despite the precarious financial situation, faculty chairs in JABSOM have been given stipends that are approximately ten times that of those received by their counterparts in other colleges and schools; JABSOM chair stipends total $300,000 annually. In addition, the Manoa Administration has allowed JABSOM to hire 28 new APT staff in Fall 2005 at an annual cost of $1.4 million in general funds. The lack of financial accountability and failure of JABSOM to live within its budget has substantially and negatively affected the budgets of other Manoa units.

In addition, the projected operational costs of JABSOM's Kaka'ako facilities, if not met by a legislative appropriation of $3 million, will have to be paid by yet another reduction in the budgets of other Manoa units. The Committee finds that there has been a clear failure by Manoa administrators to manage JABSOM's cost overruns.


WHEREAS, The Administration of the John A. Burns School of Medicine has shown a pattern of exceptionally large expenditures even in a climate of continuing deficits; and

WHEREAS, The need to avoid deficit spending at JABSOM may result in reduced resources for the other parts of the University of Hawai'i at Manoa; and

WHEREAS, The University administration has a responsibility to present a transparent and plausible financial plan and submit this to public discussion whenever special support is needed for one part of the University, possibly at the expense of others; now, therefore, be it

RESOLVED, That the Manoa Faculty Senate calls upon the administration of UH Manoa to develop and implement a financial plan, including timelines, which detail how the deficits in JABSOM will be reversed; and

RESOLVED, That the administration of UH Manoa present the JABSOM financial plan to the Manoa Faculty Senate by November 30, 2006.

Charles Weems , Trop Ag--Problem more severe than reflected

Mickey Diamond , JABSOM --not been discussed at the School of Medicine

Barry Raleigh, SOEST--average stipend in Manoa $250.00 per month; issue not so much that they do not deserve it, but in light of deficits issue related to financial management

Rosanne Harrigan, JABSOM--Request to delay deadline--report cannot be accomplished this soon. Issue has been discussed by faculty at Regents meeting. Chair stipends in effect for 21 years and is only for Clinical Chairs

Charles Weems JABSOM should pay the money back.

Raleigh--resolution requests details of how the deficits in JABSOM will be reversed

52 in favor
3 opposed
motion carried

According to Robert's Rules abstentions will not be recorded unless we have a roll call vote

Chair's report of issues encountered by SEC over the summer.

1. The request to the President to meet with the SEC to discuss System/Campus relations. Meeting took place this past Monday: ORS, HR, ITS, Resources

2. Follow-up on the Senate's February resolution on conditional tenure.

3. Relations of MFS to Faculty Senates of campus units. Need to strengthen both. (Attached: traits of effective senates.)

4. Protests at failures to consult and discussion of the meaning of consultation.

5. Request from Chancellor to update "Faculty Handbook" (see attached Appendix K from 1977 edition.) Related issues: clarification of "civility" and "rights and responsibilities of faculty."

6. Request to Chancellor for MFS to have restored to it a seat at meetings of the MET. (Form that request is now taking.)

7. Request to Chancellor for a workshop to discuss shared governance.

8. Sharing of information: The APPA report. The report of the FAR.

Discussion on #2, Conditional Tenure, of Chair's Report: Tiles explained that Arts & Sciences now has an unclear situation resulting from the movement of Ron Cambra and his secretary to the VCAA's office where he is assuming an Assistant VC role. This leaves A & S with possible gaps in support. Tiles has been discussing these issues with the A & S senate chair, and hopes that Senate will look at its charter and revise it. There are 4 deans; possibly there should be 4 senates. Tiles mentioned there is also some unclarity regarding the independence of the Graduate Council. He will speak to the Graduate Council in November.

David Bangert (CBA) mentioned that MFS has the BOR blessing; other senates are not recognized as consultative. Tiles agreed this was an issue that may need to be addressed by a change in policy.

Discussion on #3 of Chairs Report: Tiles mentioned the SEC had met Monday 9/18/06 with President McClain for a lengthy discussion on system-campus relations, focusing on ORS, IT, HR issues. McClain wants to devolve ORS to Manoa when it is in better shape, which seems to be happening quickly under new director Ya Yin Fong. This may begin to take shape in about six months. McClain supports new resources under Peggy Hong at Manoa HR office. He is on record supporting EM over APT level appointments. McClain is not inclined to devolve ITS, but suggested that SEC meet with Director Lassner to discuss any areas of poor service or special needs. McClain admitted to the SEC that Banner was developed around community college needs, not Manoa needs, and some policies have not yet been being modified to suit Manoa.

Tiles reported he had mentioned last year's Financial Assistance policy, promulgated from the system offices, as an example where consultation was not proper. Lampe added that performance measures for Manoa need to be different than for the community colleges, and that McClain had not seemed very interested in either of these topics.

Raleigh (SOEST) asked if performance based budgets go along with performance measures. Tiles affirmed this was true.

Discussion - #4 of Chair's report: Tiles mentioned the repeated requests to have a seat on the Manoa Executive Team, and the apparent push-back from the Deans/Directors. He noted SEC wants only an observer's role. No progress has been made on this issue but it remains important.

Discussion - #5 Chair's report: Tiles reported that the Chancellor has agreed to have a meeting or workshop on shared governance issues. The SEC has discussed the format and would like a facilitated workshop.

Discussion - #6 Chair's report: The summer session proposal is another example of lack of consultation and shared governance. Tiles noted there is a difference between asking the SEC to reviewing a proposal and vote on approving it, and having a friendly discussion with the SEC and calling that consultation. The result of Senate review of the summer session proposal was a request to look at the entire academic calendar. The VCSS agreed to hold off on the summer session proposal for at least a year.

Discussion - #7 Chair's report: Tiles mentioned the project to be overseen by Committee on Professional Matters, and the recruiting of a faculty member to steward the development of the Faculty Handbook on a website, with a focus on civility and rights and responsibilities of faculty. Tiles is suggesting that there be a collection of case scenarios to illustrate acceptable behaviors, such as may happen in ethics and law classes. Mary Tiles (PHIL/A & H) noted the very old faculty handbook from the 1970s is still part of the UHPA contract.

Discussion #8 Chair's report: Regarding sharing information, Tiles noted that the current Chancellor is sensitive to some information getting out, worrying it could be damaging. Examples were the recent APPA report and matters related to Athletics. More damage may occur from non-release of information. Regarding the APPA report, it is not on the web, but copies are available at Committee on Administration & Budget. The ad-hoc committee’s report on facilities IS has been posted by administration, however.

Centennial: Wendy Pearson provided some preliminary information on the 18 month Centennial Celebration. She will be coordinating and planning activities within the Chancellor’s office and will come back to a later Senate meeting with more detailed information.

WASC: Neal Smatresk reported the WASC Steering Committee had worked hard over the summer developing and fleshing out “themes” for the campus. He said the current draft of the proposal (due November 15) will be circulated this week for input. He announced Ralph Wolff, Executive Director of WASC, would be on campus October 4-5 and there will be an open meeting on October 5 called "Conversation with Ralph Wolff" to which all faculty are invited, and should bring their comments and questions. Smatresk also announced the Special Visit will be held March 21-23, 2007.

Unstructured Discussion: Tiles called for any issues that faculty would like to discuss. There being none, the Senate was adjourned at 4:35 p.m.

Secretary, Manoa Faculty Senate
Rosanne Harrigan

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