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Manoa Faculty Senate Minutes

October 18, 2006,
Architecture 205

3 p.m.

Parliamentarian: Bill Lampe

Senators present:
Chizuko Allen, Barry Baker, David Bangert, Helen Baroni, Shana Brown, Lonny Carlile, Paul Chandler, Healani Chang, Nathan Chang, Meda Chesney-Lind, David Chin, Jerome Comcowich, James Cowen, Eric Decarlo, Michael DeMattos, Milton Diamond, David Duffy, Jimmy Efird, David Ericson, Marie-Jose Fassiotto, David Frizinger, Donna Fukuda, Michael Garcia, Rosanne Harrigan, Thomas Hudson, Judith Inazu, Jean Johnsom, Alan Katz, Rebecca Knuth, Marcelo Kobayashi, William Lampe, Justin Levinson, Bruce Liebert, Richard Manshardt, John Mayer, Dore Minatodani, Larry Nitz, Robert Paull, Danial Port, John Rieder, Sara Rutter, Frank Sansone, Brent Sipes, Jim Skouge, Martha Staff, NJ Hemphill Stodden, Jim Tiles, Mary Tiles, Lei Wakayama, Michael Weinstein, Anna Wieczorek, Roy Wilkens, Kelley Withy, Sylvia Yuen.

Senators excused:
Cristina Bacchilega, Ruth Bingham, Kimberly Binsted, Linda Cox, Graham Crookes, Martha Crosby, Joe Ramos, Pauline Sheldon, James Yates

Senators absent:
Lee Buenconsejo-Lum, Ed Cadman, John Casken, Darnell Cole, Gordon Greene, Rick Kazman, Noel Kent, Karl Kim, Jeffrey Kuhn, Lorenz Magaard, Dennis McDougall, Rodney Morales, Barry Raleigh, Chittaranjan Ray, Dave Sandars, Nacy Stockert, Steven Ward, Charlie Weems

  1. Minutes of September 20, 2006


    Unanimous Approval

  2. CAB: Motion to Approve Forum on Constitutional Amendment

    Jimmy Efrid moved that the Faculty Senate co-sponsor a public forum with the Public Policy Center to discuss the proposed Hawaii constitutional amendment concerning Regent selection.

    "Shall the governor be required to select board of regents candidates from a pool of qualified candidates screened and proposed by a candidate advisory council for the board of regents of the University of Hawaii as provided by law?"

    Forum on the Constitutional Amendment sponsored by the Public Polic Center and the Manoa Faculty Senate Wednesday November 1, 2006 at 3:00 p.m. in Law School Classroom #2


    Unanimous Approval

  3. CoA: motion to approve Academic Plan for Athletics (attached)

    Larry Nitz Chair

    The Manoa Faculty Senate approves the May 31, 2006 Academic Plan for Athletes, in support of the goal of raising UHMís NCAA Graduation success Rate and team Academic Progress rates above the 50th percentile among Division 1 institutions nationwide.



    2 opposed

    Remainder approve

  4. Chairís report
  5. VCAAA Neal Smatresk on Developments in the Proposal for WASC accreditation (attached)

    Format of report has changed Format described Reformatted version will be sent out by J Tiles Please review and advise either SEC or him

  6. VCAFO Kathy Cutshaw will report on the Plan to Address Faculty Housing and Occupancy and Shortage (attached)

    VCAFO Cutshaw is not suggesting any specific funding source for this program. Approval was recently received to use part of revenue bonds to plan to build more faculty housing. Planning will begin soon.

Secretary, Manoa Faculty Senate
Rosanne Harrigan

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