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Manoa Faculty Senate Minutes

February 21, 2007
3 p.m. Law School 2

Senators present: Allen, Baker, Bangert, Baroni, Bingham, Brown, Carlile, Casken, Chandler P., Chang H., Chang, N., Chesney-Lind, Chin, Comcowich, Cowen, Crookes, Crosby, DeMattos, Donegan, Ericson, Fassiotto, Frizinger, Fukuda, Garcia, Hollyer, Hudson, Inazu, Johnson, Katz, Kent, Lampe, Levinson, liebert, Mashardt, Minatodoni, Paull, Port, Rutter, Sansone, Sipes, Staff, Stodden, Tiles J., Tiles, M., Wakayama, Weinstein, Withy

Senators excused: Binsted, Cadman, Cox, Decarlo, Harrigan, Mayer, Wright, Yuen

Senators absent: Bacchilega, Buenconsejo-Lum, Diamond, Duffy, Efird, Halagao, Kim, Knuth, Kobayashi, Kuhn, Magaard, McDoughall, Nitz, Raleigh, Ramos, Rieder, Sanders, Sheldon, Skouge, Stockert, Ward, Wieczorek, Wilkens, Yates

While waiting for quorum to be met, Chair Tiles announced that the second chancellor candidate would be speaking the next day and that comments about the candidates should be sent to

Meeting began at 3:15 pm.

  • CAB and SEC meeting with VCRGE Ostrander regarding JABSOM

    Senator Meda Chesney-Lind gave a report on the CAB/SEC January 29th meeting with Ostrander regarding JABSOM's present and future fiscal prospects. The short term prognosis is good because of legislative funding and RTRF funds. For the long-term the school faces a deficit. Ostrander has tried to control expenditures. NIH funding expectations are grim. Many of the researchers who were recruited were given commitments for lab space, etc. that the school is challenged to meet.

    There is an ongoing dean search for the school. The interim dean, Ostrander, has been presenting the case for the school to the legislature, saying that if the state wants a medical school, it costs a lot. UH is requesting $3.7 million in the biennium budget to support JABSOM. Ostrander is also seeking private funds. Chesney-Lind said that Ostrander had presented an honest but bleak picture of the state of JABSOM.

    Senator Garcia asked how much RTRF is JABSOM receiving--are they taking from other units?

    Chesney-Lind replied that JABSOM is receiving 100% of their RTRF rather than the standard 50% that other units receive.

    Senator Lampe observed that the 100% RTRF retrieval was based on an agreement with President McClain and had a time limit.

  • Approval of minutes

    The minutes of the January 17, 2007 meeting were approved. Chair Tiles told members to send minor corrections to the MFS secretary Rosanne Harrigan. Minutes were unanimously approved.

  • CAB Proposed revisions to the Senate bylaws

    Robert Bley-Vroman noted that this is the first reading of the proposed revisions, which were attached to the MFS agenda and are posted on the MFS website. Most of the changes are in the rules about the elections, including electronic elections and modifying constituencies. An election code has been added making amendments easier, rather than keeping the elections procedures embedded in the bylaws.

  • CFS motion to approve GEC appointment

    Chair Tiles presented the CFS motion to approve Weilin Qu to serve on the GEC Foundations Writing Board to complete Bruce Liebert's term. The motion was unanimously approved.

  • SEC motion to approve Assessment Task Force proposal in principle

    Chair Tiles explained that the SEC needs to have the Senate's support on the direction for assessment at Manoa. Noting that details still needed to be worked out, Tiles asked for approval in principle so SEC can begin working out those details with administration.

    Senator Helen Baroni presented the background of the Assessment Task Force's work. Noting that in the 2000 GEC reforms, assessment was an important piece. WASC had said that Manoa needed to assess general education. But because of lack of resources and concerns about conflict of interest, the GEC and GenEd Office did not get an assessment program in place. The OVCAA had begun to look at assessment and the SEC, with Senate endorsement decided to form a taskforce to develop a faculty driven assessment office. The task force proposes an assessment office that is like the GEO, and an assessment committee like the GEC.

    Chair Tiles said that it is clear that faculty needs an office to assess standardized assessment tools.

    Senator Garcia asked how will we get students to take these tests.

    Senator Chandler asked what happens when Bush is gone?

    Chair Tiles responded that initiatives regarding assessment began in the Clinton administration.

    Senator Inazu asked what the senate is being asked for right now. Chair Tiles said that approval of the principle of having a faculty office dedicated to assessment is being requested.

    Senator Garcia asked about costs of the GEC office.

    Senator Baroni said that currently there is one faculty member and two staff members. The office does a lot of work, coordinating the efforts of the GEC boards and articulation.

    A question about the definition of assessment in this context was posed.

    Senator Lampe said that assessment is what do you want your students to know and do they know it.

    Question was called.

    The senate approved the principle of the assessment task force proposal of establishing a faculty controlled assessment office.

  • CPM Resolution for changing Faculty Responsibilities Website Content

    Lonny Carlile presented the impetus behind the needed change in the text regarding faculty responsibilities that is at, a page that is off of an academic grievance site. Since CPM is working on a faculty handbook this year, they are not able to focus on the faculty code of conduct that has been under discussion but would like to amend the current text to be used as guidelines for faculty until a satisfactory code of conduct can be developed. The GSO has been asking the SEC to create a code because of complaints they receive from graduate students, 10-12 complaints a year, about poor treatment from faculty.

    The resolution as amended [need text] was unanimously approved.

  • Chair's report

    There is an UHPA Draft MOA that will set up conditional tenure for non-citizens and non-permanent residents. Chair Tiles said that this looks like it will soon be in place.

    Chair Tiles presented graphs about UH Manoa Library funding, talking points about the drop in Association of Research Libraries ranking, and the current budget crisis of the library.

    Senator Crosby asked about the lost $12 million in FEMA funds.

    Senator Rutter answered that the FEMA funds were being used to replace flood destroyed materials and that this was a separate issue.

    Senator Minatodani noted that many of the materials lost in the flood are irreplaceable.

    Senator Garcia noted that the main loss of budget was in 1994 and that the library hasn't been losing as much ground lately.

    Garcia asked for details about how the library funds are spent.

    Senator Crookes asked for a template for letter writing to the legislature--would the library faculty develop one with the facts.

    Senator Lampe asked about circulation data noting that he had heard that Berkeley and Michigan achieved 50% circulation of their new books.

    Lampe also asked for more details about where the million dollars is coming from in the next cut, from the current level of funding or a projected level of funding.

    Senators Minatodani and Rutter said that they would take these questions back to the library senate and provide the Manoa Faculty Senate with a template and more information about the million dollar cut in materials.

    Chair Tiles asked the senate to consider standards of faculty conduct and professional maintenance of those ethics; senators are asked to send by email to

    Meeting adjourned

    Submitted by S. Rutter for Secretary Harrigan

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