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Manoa Faculty Senate Minutes

April 18, 2006 Law School Classroom 2


Senators Present: Chizuko Allen, David Bangert, Helen Baroni, Ruth Bingham, Kimberly Binstead, Shana Brown, Lonny Carlile, John Casken, Nathan Chang, Meda Chesne-Lind, David Chin, Jerome Comcowich, Graham Crookes, Martha Crosby, Michael DeMattos, Patricia Donegan, David Duffy, David Fritzinger, Donna Fukuda, Michael Garcia, Rosanne Harrigan, Thomas Hudson, Judith Inazu, Alan Katz, Rebecca Knuth, William Lampe, Justin Levinson, Richard Manshardt, John Mayer, Dore Minatodani, Daniel Port, Sara Rutter, Dave Sanders, Frank Sansone, Nancy Stockert, NJ Hemphill Stodden, Jim Tiles, Mary Tiles, Lei Wakayama, Michae; Weinstein, Roy Wilkens, Kelley Withy

Senators Excused: Healani Chang, Linda Cox, Eric Decarlo

Senators Absent: Roger Babcock, Cristina Bacchilega, Barry Baker, Lee Buenconsejo-Lum, Ed Cadman, Paul Chandler, James Cowen, Milton Daimond, Jimmy Efird, David Ericson, Marie-Jose Fassiotto, Patricia Halagao, Jim Hollyer, Jean Johnson, Noel Kent, Karl Kim, Marcelo Kobayashi, Jeffrey Kuhn, Lorenz Magaard, Dennis McDougall, Larry Nitz, Robert Paull, Barry Raleigh, Joe Ramos, John Rieder, Pauline Sheldon, Brent Sipes, Jim Skouge, Martha Staff, Steven Ward, Anna Wieczorek, Lesley Wright, James Yates, Sylvia Yuen

Minutes of March 21, 2007

Action Unanimous Approval

Chair's Announcements

1. The Senate proposal for Interim Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs was submitted and not accepted.

2. There has been some discussion among the Council of Faculty Senate Chairs about evaluation of Chancellors. System wants the process to be similar across campuses. Chair Tiles discussed the challenges being presented and potential solutions.

3. UHARI is being invited to participate in a discussion related to the concerns of graduate students.

CPM Motion to govern compilation and maintenance of the UHM Faculty Handbook in the immediate future:

1. that the "wiki format" web site prepared by Senator Kim Binsted over the course of Spring Semester be adopted as the working handbook until Fall Semester 2007;

2. that, with the exception of those portions of the handbook covering collective bargaining contractual provisions and other matters that the CPM decides should be "stabilized," UHM faculty be allowed to add and edit content to the handbook via the site's wiki over the course of Summer 2007;

3. that the resulting content of the handbook be reviewed by the Faculty Senate during Fall 2007 to determine policy governing the future disposition of the handbook, including the matter of what policies will govern editorial access to specific sections of the handbook and future maintenance of the online handbook.

CFS. Mary Tiles

CFS Motion to adopt special rule of order governing this years SEC election:*

That each elector will be permitted to vote for six people, that the four with the highest number of votes will be elected, and that the fifth and sixth highest will be alternates.

In event of a tie for fourth place there will immediately be a further ballot; in event of a tie for fifth place there will be a further ballot if and when an alternate needs to be appointed; in even of a tie for sixth place there will be a further ballot if and when a second alternate needs to be appointed.

*Note: Rules of order, which have been adopted by the Senate, will not cover SEC elections until the referendum on the Senate's Charter and Bylaws is over (which is on the same day that ballots will be counted for this year's SEC election). This proposed special rule is very similar to the rules that will govern future SEC elections and clarifies the authority of the CFS to handle the election in the planned, customary way.

Action Unanimously Approved

Library Task Force Membership

Ross Christensen, Library Harry Davis, Chemistry KCC Mike Garcia, Geology and Geophysics, SOEST Jim Hollyer, Plant & Environmental Protection Sciences CTAHR Karen Jolly, History, CAH Rebecca Knuth, LIS, CNS Robert Sullivan, English, LLL Virginia Tanji, JABSOM (library)

Action Unanimously Approved

CAPP. Daniel Port

CAPP report on the CTAHR proposal for an Intercollege PhD program in Nutrition

A proposal to establish an Intercollege PhD program in Nutrition was reviewed by CAPP. The objective of the program is to produce future leaders in the field of nutrition in Hawaii and the Asia-Pacific region. The proposal noted that nutrition-related problems are increasing in epidemic proportions in Hawaii, the Pacific Islands, and in developing regions of Asia. Nutrition is a significant factor in all the major chronic diseases (cancer, heart disease, diabetes, obesity, hypertension, and other health related problems. The proposed program will integrate resources form the College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources (CTAHR), the John A. Burns School of Medicine (JABSOM), and the Cancer Research Center of Hawaii (CRCH). The proposal noted that at least fifty American universities award a PhD in nutrition. Currently, candidates who receive a MA degree in nutrition from CTAHR must go to mainland universities to continue their graduate studies. It is important for UH to develop an advanced degree to serve the state of Hawaii, and to produce human resources that can assist UH in competing for extramural funding opportunities. CAPP reviewed the proposal and found that the program will be a valuable asset to UH. It does not overlap other programs. It will not significantly increase the need for additional UH resources. The proposal defines a rigorous and demanding doctoral program with high admission requirements. Thus, CAPP moves approval of the Intercollege PhD program in Nutrition.

Proposal for an Undergraduate Certificate in Pidgin and Creole Studies

CAPP reviewed a proposal for an Undergraduate Certificate in Pidgin and Creole Studies. The proposal notes that Pidgin in Hawaii is spoken by approximately 600,000 people, and is a vital pat of the culture of the islands. Although linguists from Hawaii and other parts of the world have taken a keen interest in conducting research on the language, students at UHM have not had an opportunity to learn about it in a comprehensive way. The certificate will be established by the Department of Second Language Studies through the College of Languages, Linguistics, and Literature. The courses included in the certificate will provide a systematic and comprehensive program of study for students interested in Hawaii Creole English ("Pidgin") and other pidgin and Creole languages. The certificate aims to fill an important need, and to also complement the interdisciplinary approach of other programs such as those in Ethnic Studies, Hawaiian Studies or Pacific Island Studies. In reviewing the proposal, CAPP determined that there is no other related certificate, minor, or major program at UHM in this area. There is minimal course overlap with existing programs. Coordination will be carried out by the Director of the existing Charlene Sato Center for Pidgin, Creole and Dialect studies, thus eliminating need for additional resources. The program offers additional opportunities for UHM undergraduate students without requiring additional university resources. Thus, CAPP moves approval of the Undergraduate Certificate in Pidgin and Creole Studies.

SEC Motion to amend governance document of the GEC

The document "Faculty Governance of University of Hawaii at Manoa General Education" shall be amended as follows.

The first line of "I. General education Committee" shall be changed from "The General Education Committee (GEC) is a Standing Committee of the UHM Faculty Senate"


"The General Education Committee (GEC) is a Committee established by and reporting to the UHM Faculty Senate".

This amendment to the document "Faculty Governance of University of Hawaii at Manoa General Education" shall take effect if and only if the 2007 amendents to the Bylaws take effect.

Action. Unanimously Approved

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