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Draft: Manoa Faculty Congress Minutes of August 30, 2006

Wednesday, August 30, 2006
3 p.m. Architecture Auditorium

Approval of March 15, 2006 Congress Minutes

Tom Ramsey moved and Robert Paul seconded the motion to approve Approved by consensus. Faculty who find errors later can email corrections to Secretary Rosanne Harrigan:

Chair's Report

Chair Tiles described the role and function of the Congress. Service to committees discussed. The Senate has yet to make one of two appointments to a new committee to review. It was documented that Students Rights and Responsibilities needs an additional member and seen as participation in this review is a significant responsibility of the faculty. Students are planning for a refurbishing of the faculty lounge. Faculty liaison (Dr. Wright) met with members of the Campus Center Board. Students graciously agreed to grant $10,000 to support the renovation of the dining room. A portion will be given to the students for design, some for maintenance and some for the renovation. Contact Dr. Wright: by email with additional ideas. We also need money to implement the plan.Additional money is likely to be needed to implement any plan fully. Faculty are encouraged to send ideas on how to generate these funds.

Faculty Handbook: The Faculty Handbook is 30 years old and needs a revision. Chair Tiles believes it should be developed to be offered on the web. The task was delegated to the committee on professional matters. The Chancellor has offered a course reduction to a person with the expertise and materials to develop such a site. Please nominate a colleague or your self. Nominations should be sent to Chair Jim Tiles.

Chancellor Search

Robert Bley -Vroman is the outgoing chair of the Senate and the Chair of the Chancellor Search Committee. Attachment A describes the duties and responsibilities of the Chancellor. The Search Committee has been appointed and Job advertisement is out.

Questions and Answers by Bley-Vroman

Question related to funds allocated to cost of search firm

Response: The BOR negotiated the contracts. The issues related to the conduct of searches such as this should be taken up at a Senate meeting after the matter has been referred to CAB.

See attachment B

Dr. Kruger, Architecture. Reviewed report on facilities on Chancellors Web Site. Provided example of disruption of the quad as undesirable.

The addition of new building at Hamilton Library will fill the space between the buildings. We need to do something make sure this does not happen. Planning competence is needed by the new Chancellor.

Should create a campus with a Hawaiian sense of place

We need a Chancellor who will strike out for autonomy of the Manoa Campus

Discussed closing of relationship with previous president. He also asked to whom is the search committee advisory? And, will the successful be offered a house on college hill?

Response. The search Committee will make recommendation to president and president makes recommendation to BOR. Issues related to College Hill are unresolved.

Suggested moving system administration out of Bachman Hall.

On search committee. Kua l i i Council wanted minimum qualifications to speak to Hawaiian place of learning. They wanted a Chancellor who had experience with empowering native peoples. Council wants next Chancellor to be really good at fund raising.

Chancellor should have experience with faculty housing

Send out message this is not an opportunity to earn a great deal of moneyÉsalary should be reasonable

Chancellor should know how to reduce energy consumption i.e., retrofits on air conditioning. Must be a vigorous advocate for energy useÉwe are the 4th largest user of electricity in the state.

When will this be over--An October review, candidates in springÉperhaps on board in the Fall?

Response. We'll continue accepting applications until position is filled

Does candidate respect work done on earlier projects and are they supportive of continuity and stability and openness? These are desirable qualities.

We need sunshine on this campus more openness

All must be involved and dedicated to what we do..we must reduce energy use.

Senate urged retrofit and have private industry rewarded. Mortimer implemented in Hilo and KauaiÉbut not here in Manoa Should Manoa be downsized??? Should the wave of retirements be used to downsize Manoa? This should be addressed by the new Chancellor.

What keeps tourists away will keep students away. Research success should not be based on money but on the excellence work.

Applications and nominations can be sent to Robert Vroman at or to the search firm.

All information can be accessed at the following web site.

Sustainability, Hawaiian knowledge, advocacy of an honors college, recruitment of diverse faculty (color, women, Hawaiians) should all be supported by the new Chancellor. Support of research should not to exclude scholarship

Director of Student Employment Representatives on the Search Committee are from academics, instruction and research. There are no representatives from student affairs The new Chancellor should give student affairs a place at the table.

Job description is overwhelmingÉÉ.in Europe the responsibilities are split. VC working head Chancellor PR money raising figure headÉmake it a more workable job

Make sure the new Chancellor is a scholar and leader.

Adjourn 3:50 PM

Submitted by Rosanne Harrigan

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