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Manoa Faculty Senate Executive Committee Minutes of August 21, 2006

The SEC meeting was called to order by Chair Tiles at 3:00 p.m.. Attending were Bley-Vroman, Chin, Cox, Kent, Lampe, Ramsey, Rutter and Staff. The Minutes of August 7 were approved with a few corrections.

Chair Tiles reported that he, Bley-Vroman, and Chin had met with ACC. The President has a new focus on student success, and working with DOE is the appropriate way try to advance the college preparation level of college applicants in the state. The SEC briefly discussed ways faculty can contribute. A grid on “UH Common Measures to Support Proposed Biennium Budget, FB 2007-09” was shared with SEC members and it was decided to refer it to CAB and CAPP for review. The purpose is to better tie resources into effectiveness.

The SEC decided on several items for Tiles and Chin to discuss during a Wednesday meeting with the Chancellor.

The SEC approved the appointment of John Engle from CTAHR to GEC. Tiles announced that two faculty the SEC had asked to serve on a Chancellor’s working group on student responsibilities had agreed. The system ethics committee nominations could not be finalized during the summer and the SEC agreed to refer this matter to CFS.

The SEC discussed a complaint regarding the lack of enforcement of time limits in faculty housing received by the Chancellor. The Chancellor had responded by email to a new faculty member that last year the Senate passed a resolution contrary to the request. But the SEC noted that her response lacked an understanding of the entire resolution, which asked for a comprehensive strategy. The SEC agreed to ask the Chancellor how her administration plans to address the critical need for faculty housing assistance, including but not limited to policy regarding faculty housing occupancy.

Harrigan noted that she has discovered some research indicating there may be problems with a 5-week summer session. It was agreed to find out what research the administration used in coming to their decision to propose

The SEC decided that instead of sending Chair Tiles to represent the SEC at the exit interview with the enrollment management specialist, the liaisons for GEC and CSA would attend.

The SEC met with FAR Peter Nicholson for informal discussion of athletic issues. The meeting was adjourned at 5:10 pm.

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