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Manoa Faculty Senate Executive Committee Minutes of August 28, 2006

The SEC met from 2:00-3:00 with VC-Students, Francisco Hernandez. (A brief summary follows these minutes.)

The SEC meeting was called to order by Chair Tiles at 3:12 p.m.. Attending were Bley-Vroman, Chin, Cox, Kent, Lampe, Ramsey, Rutter and Staff. The Minutes of August 21 were approved.

Chair Tiles reported on a meeting with retired faculty representatives, and a meeting he and Lampe had with Jerry Russo regarding the Program & Curriculum Committee, which has moved out of A & S along with Ron Cambra. Questions remain as to what exactly roles and responsibilities moved with Cambra, and how those that stayed behind will be handled. It appears a big program is orphaned. This matter was referred to CAPP for follow up.

Chair Tiles and Vice-Chair Chin attended the BOR meeting. The community colleges reported on measures for student outcomes. Johnsrud reported on state needs and the effectiveness of the UH system. Tiles noted the system has no mechanism for faculty input, a continuing problem. Effectiveness is currently narrowly focused on graduation rates of undergraduates. There is nothing in place to look at graduate degree outcomes, research effectiveness, or Manoa as an economic engine for the state.

Tiles noted that Smatresk should have arranged for consultation on the Manoa campus, in this regard, but he did not see this as his responsibility. But Neal agrees Manoa should figure out its own measures of effectiveness. Bley-Vroman passed out his April 2006 brief paper on consultation, prepared for the President. The SEC had a brief discussion of how to educate faculty about faculty governance.

Tiles noted that appointments for the ethics committee still need to be made. Several faculty declined. An additional 4 faculty are requested. This was referred to CFS, which should obtain CoR input.

CAPP: Rutter reported that Daniel Port is the new chair. In discussion of summer session proposal CAPP is polarized.

It was agreed that Tiles and Lampe will write Hernandez to discuss inform him of required procedures to create new committees.

The meeting adjourned at 4:30 pm.

Summary of Discussion with Hernandez:

Hernandez noted that his first days had made him aware that there are many aspects of the Chancellor’s reorganization that remain unclear. It will be important to figure out who is to decide what and how to get work done. He noted that Student Affairs had cuts that were so steep for so long, there must be new resources to succeed. He wants to focus on raising staff morale and increasing the level of service. He also sees a need for more focus on strategic planning.

He commented that it is still unclear whether the new tuition funds about to be generated will actually be new funds. There is some chance these funds will simply replace losses from the state. Hawaii still has a relatively high level of state support; while in other states decreased state funding has been the recent trend.

Regarding new EM positions, it is not critical to Hernandez where they go; what is critical is the level of effectiveness. An advantage to having certain things on the Academic Affairs side is faculty input. Hernandez may want to establish new task forces to deal with some of the issues he will have responsibility for.

Hernandez has a special interest in access, and high school recruiting. He reported that overall enrollment is down just over 300 students for fall 06. He sees long lines for ID and some other services and finds UHM still a largely paper-driving institution.

To a question on how the new dorms will be run, he responded only the building contract has been finalized. No decision has been made on management, but the developer has submitted a proposal to manage the facility.

In comparison with students in California, he sees Hawaii students as more civil and with an “island mentality”. They want empowerment but believe we are all in this together.

The SEC alerted Hernandez to the practical and morale issues of students at Kakaako, and noted that there is a shuttle from the dorms to Waikiki, but not one from Manoa to Kakaako.

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