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Manoa Faculty Senate Executive Committee Minutes of September 11, 2006

The SEC met from 2:00-3:00 with VCRGE, Gary Ostrander. (A brief summary follows these minutes.) The SEC meeting was called to order by Chair Tiles at 3:00 p.m.

Attending were Chin, Cox, Kent, Lampe, Rutter and Staff.

The Minutes of August 28 were approved. Note that no meeting was held September 3, Labor Day Holiday.

Chair Tiles reminded the SEC that the Senate meeting agendas are to be posted 9 days before each meeting, and this has not been consistently done. Part of the problem is not having action items from Committees in time. Harrigan suggested putting each committee on each agenda and the chair can then either make a brief report, or pass. The SEC unanimously supported this suggestion. The SEC then discussed the format of the agenda and major items for the September 20 meeting.

Tiles asked for input on how to discuss summer actions of the SEC. Lampe pointed out that actions taken over the summer is different than issues discussed in the summer. The only action items were a few committee appointments.

The SEC received input that Diane Perushak and her E10 position has been moved to the Chancellor's office, after removal as head of the Library. Interim Directorship for the Library will be handled by three people and it should provide a stable situation for the near future. The SEC noted that its role, if any, would be to support the Library Senate. Also, Tiles and Lampe met with Russo to discuss some A & S issues relating to faculty senate structure, colleges of arts and sciences structure, and possible reorganization planning. Of particular concern is the gap created by moving Ron Cambra and his secretary out of A & S.

Tiles and Chin gave the Manoa Council Report. The Chancellor's desire to have a meeting on the light rail terminus on or near campus may be moot since Mayor Hanneman has cut the eastern route.

Also, graduate students are reporting that abuse by faculty is occurring, and needs to stop. Harrigan noted there is a good resource on workplace violence produced by the state and promised to provide the URL. This issue was referred to CPM.

The new KCC agreement is still in draft form, awaiting input from the VC-Students. This issue was referred to CSA and CAPP.

The meeting adjourned at 4:30.

Summary of Discussion with Ostrander:

The SEC announced to Ostrander there is a strong possibility a resolution will be presented on Sept. 20 relating to JABSOM, which asks administration to look forward with a specific budget plan.

Ostrander noted that the JABSOM Dean's search seems to be progressing well. Video interviews of semi-finalists will be done soon. Also the cigarette tax dollars are coming in providing needed resources. Arrangements for the biosafety lab within the JABSOM phase II building are progressing. Federal exemptions for location and structural design are being pursued. This lab will be tremendously costly per square foot. Although funds to build are in place, the big issue is to obtain commitments on operational funding in years ahead.

Ostrander explained how lingering RTRF problems from unpaid grants will be handled. The auditors will not allow any write-offs. Units will have to repay from their continuing RTRF payments. The total amount is $6 million, and a system has been devised for units to repay over 10 years. The VCRGE is working with the new ORS director to make sure this does not happen again. ORS has agreed to provide a satellite office in JABSOM. Ostrander says in approximately six months he will be ready to begin discussing a concrete vision to reorganize ORS, possibly under Manoa or within a new structure to better serve researchers.

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