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Manoa Faculty Senate Executive Committee Minutes of September 18, 2006

Attending were Chin, Cox, Lampe, Harrigan, Rutter and Staff.

The SEC meeting was called to order by Chair Tiles at 3:06 p.m.

The Minutes of September 11 were approved.

Chair Tiles noted that the meeting on mass transit occurred. There may or may not be an extension of the route from downtown to Manoa. His impression is that stations are being horsetraded by politicians, as they will become economic hotspots.

Regarding the Manoa Community Partnership, long-time leader Oda (10 years) is looking for someone to take over. Tiles pushed on the evaluation measurements for Manoa, indicating that enrollment, retention, graduation rates may not relate to quality of the enterprise.

Cox asked for air time to note the constituency study for Facutly Senate in the Sept. 20 meeting. Tiles stated that CPM would be noting it as a priority for the year.

The SEC discussed whether CPM members or the person that will take on the Faculty Handbook would do the writing of new materials. The SEC recommended that the ad to go out should include a statement about drafting materials for the handbook, not just collecting and organizing them on a website.

Tiles noted that he plans to request that the Chancellor agree to organizing a workshop on shared governance during fall semester. The SEC agreed that the workshop would ideally be facilitated and that there would be an equal number of SEC members and administrators attending.

Tiles noted that Bley-Vroman transferred the chair's cellphone to him, and that Chancellor Konan had already called him on it.

The SEC approved Bley-Vroman's suggestion for replacing Denise Antolini (Chancellor's Search Committee) with Casey Jarman, another law school professor. The SEC has direct control over the appointments to this committee.

Tiles asked Lampe to serve as Parliamentarian this year. Lampe agreed, but stated that he would defer to Bley-Vroman at the first meeting, since Bley-Vroman would be there. The SEC discussed whether voting would typically include a count of those abstaining from a vote. It was agreed that unless there is a roll-call vote, this count is rather meaningless. The SEC agreed that voting in Senate meetings this year would exclude abstentions. Tiles also asked Vice-Chair Chin to help him with vote counting.

The meeting was adjourned at 4:05, for a brief discussion with VCAA Neal Smatresk, followed by a meeting at 4:30 with President McClain and Chancellor Konan. A brief summary of these discussions follows:

Summary of Discussion with VCAA Smatresk:

The SEC discussed the Confucius Institute with him. Various questions will be referred to Cyndi Ning and Rosita Chang. The MOU has been signed and the one commitment for UH resources is office space for visiting faculty from Beida University. Smatresk has also promised 2 scholarships for students, with details yet to be finalized. Beida President Hao Ping will be visiting UHM October 5-12.

The SEC asked Smatresk to comment on when he felt that MOAs/MOUs should come to the Senate for review prior to signing. Smatresk said these agreements are frequently promulgated and the Senate would be bogged down by seeing all of them. He suggested that only those creating substantive centers be vetted to Senate. Examples: providing space, a secretary, any new courses to be developed/offered.

Summary of Discussion with President McClain:

The SEC heard the President's views on devolution, especially relating to ORS, HR, and ITS. Regarding a system-UARC, the President stated that if any final contract is to come before the BOR it will be released in advance for review. He admitted that at present the UARC involves only Manoa, but under the system, it could involve other campuses. Other topics discussed: Library resources across the system, shared governance, the JABSOM budget, and performance indicators/measures and relationship to UH funding.

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