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Manoa Faculty Senate Executive Committee Minutes of October 30, 2006

The SEC meeting was called to order by Chair Tiles at 3:00 p.m.. Attending were Chin, Cox, Harrigan, Lampe Rutter and Staff.

Mary Tiles, Chair of CFS, attended to discuss the constituency review. The CFS looked at JABSOM. Currently there are about 230 full time faculty. Although this is a huge unit, no changes are recommended at this time as there did not appear to be a reasonable way to divide this constituency. There is an on-going concern with Nursing/Dental Hygiene, in that they have separate senates, but a combined constituency. Dental Hygiene is not large enough to have its own constituency, but they currently have a seat in an arrangement with Nursing. This kind of arrangement could continue, but will not officially be written into any Manoa Senate documents. The only change suggested at this time is to split Organizational Research from Academic Affairs. Org Research would have 5 seats, and Academic Affairs 1 seat in this new arrangement. CFS plans to have a resolution for November or December to adopt the report on constituencies. This matter is also to be referred to Robert Bley-Vroman, who is working on changes to the By-Laws.

Chair Tiles reported that CFS had recommended that the Assessment Task Force be constituted with the suggested names from SEC. The first meeting is 2:00 p.m. Friday, Nov. 3. Tiles and Chin will attend the first meeting. Chin will continue to serve as the liaison with GEC. GEC will also need to determine if the GEC itself wants a representative added to the committee. Also, it has been suggested that some back-up members, especially from CBA and Education, be identified. (follow up) On another CFS matter, SEC received a recommendation that Nandita Sharma be appointed to the Diversity Committee.

Rutter distributed a short report from CAPP regarding the VCAA’s desire to shorten summer session. The report brought up many related issues, but did not specifically recommend that the fall/spring academic calendars be reviewed in context with summer session, to determine if shortening these terms instead would be appropriate. Staff suggested that this is the direction CSA had seemed to want to go after two meetings discussing this issue. The CAPP report is referred to CSA and the two committees will be encouraged to move forward on recommendations together.

CAPP is also recommending that the SEC form a standing Committee on Admission Standards and Policies. Staff commented she would prefer to see a Faculty Advisory Committee on Enrollment Management, which would include admissions, but would also be able to consider issues such as financial assistance, and retention strategies. Lampe suggested the route for this would be through CAB and would need to be included in By-Law changes. Therefore the matter was referred to CAB.

The SEC discussed possible items for the November 15 Senate meeting.

An idea was to invite Linda Johnsrud to discuss how the legislature is approached for funding, and how to possibly broaden the perspective in the legislature beyond “workforce development.” It was decided to try to schedule a meeting with Linda Johnsrud and the SEC, CAP, GEC, CSA, and VCAA Smatresk instead. Tiles will follow up.

At 4:00 pm, the SEC met with Neal Smatresk to discuss the WASC proposal and to get clarification on how past work done by GEC on the core can be recognized more appropriately in the WASC document and developed to more specificity on how the core and student learning can be assessed. Smatresk also informed the SEC that he is very interested in a test called the CLA and wants to bring an expert out to talk about it. This test seems to be “smarter” than the SAT and can lead to improving curricula.

At 4:30, the meeting was adjourned so that the SEC could meet with VCAFO candidate Glenn Okimoto, the first of three finalists for the position.

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