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Manoa Faculty Senate Executive Committee Minutes of November 6, 2006

The SEC meeting was called to order by Chair Tiles at 3:00 p.m.. Attending were Chin, Cox, Harrigan, Lampe Rutter and Staff. Tiles noted that VCAA Smatresk would meet with the SEC at 3:30 pm.

Tiles reported it has still not been possible to obtain the most current draft of the KCC agreement from the administration. But, he had learned there would be a similar agreement with LCC coming along soon.

There is an immediate budget crisis at the Library. Rutter passed out three resolutions passed November 6, 2006 by the Library Faculty Senate to help set the context. The first supported increases to the library to deal with inflation in subscription prices, a second supports the disbursement of 2% of RTRF funds to the library, and a third support a supplementary budget allocation fro 20006-07. These resolutions were referred to CAB and COR. The SEC discussed the fact that the library has lost standing in its rankings, and that library ranking is important with respect to various grant sources. There are feelings of agitation at JABSOM regarding depending on inter-library loans. Harrigan will try to get more information on the status of the Kakaako library when the librarian returns from travel. The Student Success Center is to be part of the library but funding is not included at present. Also, the library is not addressed in the WASC report. SEC decided to ask VCAA Smatresk for his view of what needs to be done at the library.

The SEC decided that Lampe and Staff should attend the November 17, 2:00 pm meeting of the new Task Force on Assessment, to represent the SEC. Lampe will ask the task force to quickly elect a chair.

The SEC will meet with the third VCAFO candidate at 4:30 on November 17.

Tiles and Chin or Lampe will attend the MET (no date and time yet provided).

Harrigan noted that there is both a national and statewide move toward getting rid of 2 year nursing programs, based on good assessment data that indicates much stronger patient outcome in a care environment with BS-level nursing care. Lois Magnussen, a former interim nursing dean, knows about the current plan. Tiles agreed to make contact with her to obtain more information regarding a written plan or proposal.

Summary of Meeting with VCAA Smatresk:

Smatresk reported he had received the informal report from CAPP regarding changing summer session and related issues. His view is the report includes some good questions. Staff mentioned that CSA wants to add a few points to the report, and it will probably be presented formally as a joint report on November 15.

Smatresk reported he wants his office to take control of evening credit classes. He noted that summer session and the NICE programs are quite profitable, and cost sharing means that many units receive significant funding, which they can use however they want; thus his move may not be globally popular if the funding mechanism changes. He noted that now only 3% of summer profits go to the Chancellor, whereas nationally the rate is about 12-14%. Smatresk mentioned he is inclined to continue offering all students resident tuition rates in summer. He would like to have a report authored by Sumner La Croix about 3 years ago, which apparently came out of CAB and is related in some way to the Outreach issues.. Tiles agreed to try to locate this report and pass it along.

Regarding the library, Smatresk stated he does not have the funding being requested for an enhancement to the library’s budget. There needs to be a serious look at alternatives for savings. He understands the desire for immediate desktop access to materials by researchers and faculty. He stated that the Student Success Center in the library would be separately funded. He reported on the low rate of check outs at the library. SEC members noted that this did not necessarily indicate the books were unused.

Smatresk departed at 4:15 and the SEC resumed its meeting:

Tiles reported that there is no Senate in Natural Sciences and this continues to bring up structural issues. He suggested a meeting of the full A & S senate to discuss. Chin reported that Information & Computer Sciences wants to have a separate college.

The minutes of October 30 were approved as corrected.

Regarding committee actions and possible agenda items for November 15, Lampe reported that there will be a CAB resolution regarding the development of UHWO. CAB had already approved the wording, but the SEC felt it was too long and most of the “whereas” clauses should be moved to a background section. Lampe will discuss with Karl Kim, the author of the resolution. Other items for the agenda may include: approving the Task Force on Assessment, possible CSA actions on a proposal to the BOR to increase student fees, a report on progress of CPM to develop the Faculty Handbook website and the selection of Kim Binsted to spearhead the effort. CoA may have an action item related to the use of a Maori haka at UH athletic events. COR is undertaking a large project—to review proprietary and classified research issues but is not ready for any senate action. CFS has received two requests to appoint members to an alcohol coordinating committee and a distance education committee.

The meeting was adjourned at 5:10 pm.

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