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Manoa Faculty Senate Executive Committee Minutes of November 27, 2006

Present: Tiles, Chin, Harrigan, Lampe, Cox

Minutes from previous meeting were not approved because we did not have them. Linda agreed to fill in as secretary.

Jim agreed to send the Senate agenda and minutes to Senators using the list serve in preparation for the meeting next week, if Sara is unable to post them. He will contact senators this week and next week in order to encourage attendance since everyone is very busy this time of year. Rosanne will bring her assistant if Charlotte is unable to staff the sign-in table. At the meeting, CFS will report on the new constituencies. No other committees have anything to report. Tim Slaughter will provide a brief report on the Centennial celebrations. Jim will report about existence of the faculty governance presentation at the meeting and have Sara post it on the website.

A long discussion about the biennium budget took placed and how the technology fee will fare in light of the Campus Center addition. SEC members do not feel well informed about the process and contemplated the idea of Kathy Cutshaw making a presentation on the state of the biennium budget at the upcoming Senate meeting. However, given that the meeting should be short in light of the Senatorsí busy schedules at this time of year, the SEC decided not to include this on the agenda.

Rosanne voiced her concern that our use of resolutions to voice areas of interest and concern for the Senate results in long documents with a large number of whereas phrases that detract the reader from the central issue. She suggested that motions might serve our purpose better than the more cumbersome resolutions. Bill indicated that motions placed on the floor by committees are an in keeping with by-laws and Robertís rules. The SEC agreed that committees should be advised about the value of motions as compared to resolutions.

A short discussion on the Chancellorís reluctance to follow-up on the faculty governance workshop and the Presidentís re-organization plan took place. Since the presentation by Jim at the MET was not well received, the workshop is likely to postponed or canceled. Jim agreed to follow-up on the re-org through AFCFSC.

SEC discussed the JABSOM Dean search. It appears negotiations with a specific candidate are underway. Rosanne also reported that JABSOM should be in the black this year after many people in JABSOM have worked tirelessly to get the fiscal situation in order.

The SEC discussed approaches the Senate might use to assist the Legislator in the process of changing how the BOR is selected. Bill will follow-up with Randy Roth to flesh out some possible approaches.

Martha Staff SEC Secretary

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