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Manoa Faculty Senate Executive Committee Minutes of December 11, 2006

Present: Jim Tiles, Bill Lampe, David Chin, Linda Cox, Sara Rutter (recorder) Excused: Rosanne Harrigan, Martha Staff

Meeting began at 2:00 pm with VC for Students Francisco Hernandez

Campus security

Hernandez began by saying that the ASUH had called a student planning day to discuss problematic interactions between students and campus security. Hernandez said that he believed the crux of the problem was communication and training for on both sides. Students need to understand that the campus is a thoroughfare in a large city and has a lot of expensive items within a relatively small area, so a campus security force is necessary and at the same time, members of campus security need to understand that they are dealing with students, who expect a fairly high level of freedom of movement. Hernandez said that students need to be listened to and a better communication between students and the members of the campus security needs to be developed.


Hernandez spoke of the great accomplishment the ground breaking for Frear Hall is for UH Manoa. The company that is managing the construction is in place, the loan is secured. A Hernandez maxim is "if you build it, they will complain," but in general he has found that there has been support for his efforts. He intends to have the management of Frear Hall under the VC for Students office. He has had meetings with the chancellor's committee on student housing that has led to discussions about learning communities within Frear Hall, so that now the hall is being envisioned as a place for students who have done well, as a kind of reward. An outside commercial company to manage the hall was discussed but Hernandez said that if a company ran Frear Hall, the rent structures would be different from the other halls, there would be different rules and regulations, different personnel and he also noted that he did not want to give up a brand new hall and only manage the old halls.

He will be hiring a project manager to plan the repair and refurbishing work that has to be done on the other dorms. He is committed to ensuring that returning students see a marked improvement in the housing, such as new carpeting, painting, new furniture.

Hernandez will be going to the BOR in January to request a housing rent increase, allowing housing to increase the rent each year at a set percentage over the five years. This will provide some of the income to maintain and repair the housing. He also wants to make sure that parents understand what the housing costs are and how they compare to off-campus housing costs.

Hernandez will be launching a second search for a housing director in February 2007 and will putting together a search committee for that purpose. He wants to make it a more appealing position for candidates, by increasing the salary offered and by getting some of the repair work done or started. He said that there is a kind of cult of housing directors and everyone knows who is good. Those who are good are only available in the spring when the academic year is winding down.

He will also be running food service for housing as he wants to have more flexibility in what is offered to students.


Hernandez said that offices of student employment, internships, and career services will be moved closer to academic advisors. There is some friction over the merger but he believes it is best for the students that all of the services be located near to one another and that advisors are cross-trained to handle more situations.

Other issues

Hernandez is interested in making closer connections between UH Manoa and the high schools in Hawaii, mostly with the goal of helping high schools prepare students better for college work. He believes that the student of 2020 will have to have a college prep curriculum in high school to compete on a global scale and is concerned that the high schools seem to be dropping college prep to allocate more resources to bring up standardized test scores for NCLB.

Another interest Hernandez wants to develop is in distance education, particularly to students on the neighbor islands. He believes that it can be effective if designed well.

Hernandez left at approximately 3:30 pm.

Evaluation of permanent chancellor

Chair Tiles referred the SEC to Robert Bley-Vroman's request for input on criteria for evaluating a permanent chancellor. Bley-Vroman, as chair of the chancellor search committee, wanted to include evaluative criteria in the search documentation. The SEC discussed the need for a venue for faculty evaluation of the chancellor, perhaps an annual evaluation tool that would be implemented outside of the administration's evaluation process.

By-laws from UCLA faculty senate

Chair Tiles referred to a document from David Ericson in the School of Education regarding the BOR policy that gives faculty responsibility for faculty ethics. There is currently a non senate Committee on Ethics, but that has focused on research ethics. There GSO president and the Chancellor have brought the issue of faculty conduct to the SEC, that is that there are examples of faculty who have taken advantage of their position of power in their relationships with their graduate students. The SEC discussed the probable need for a code of conduct or expected behaviors of faculty in their relationships with their graduate students, recognizing that graduate students may have little recourse for correcting bad situations without hurting their careers. The CPM will most likely focus on getting a website up to hold the faculty handbook. Another committee may need to be formed to deal with a code of conduct. The sexual harassment workshops that staff attend may be a model for faculty training. The UCLA by-laws that include committees on privilege and tenure; grievance advisory; and rules and jurisdiction will be forwarded to CAB for their discussions on by-laws changes.

The SEC will ask the VCAA when we next meet with him about the academic grievance process, that is, how much traffic there is in that process and how effective it is in providing satisfaction.

We will also follow up with the VCAA regarding the position of Assistant Vice Chancellor for Academic Personnel, as this ties into faculty conduct.

We will also follow up with the VCRGE regarding the plan for JABSOM that was requested by CAB and promised by December.

Next SEC meeting is December 18, and then SEC will not meet on Dec. 25th or January 1st.

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