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Manoa Faculty Senate Executive Committee Minutes of January 8, 2007

Present: Chin, Cox, Harrigan, Lampe Rutter, Staff, Tiles

Chair Tiles called the meeting to order at 3:00 pm, after a meeting with VCR Ostrander (see notes below).

The minutes of December 18, 2006 were approved.

The SEC decided that it would not meet on the Martin Luther King Holiday (January 15) but would meet the next day (Tuesday, January 16) at 2:00 pm. VCAA Smatresk will be asked to meet at his convenience that afternoon.

Harrigan stated she would be late to the January 17 MFS meeting and asked for a volunteer to start the minutes. Staff volunteered. The meetings this semester will return to Law Classroom #2.

Tiles reported that the meeting on shared governance would be January 30, at 4:30 pm, in Hawaii Hall 309. The agenda has not been determined. The SEC decided to suggest to the Chancellor that the “Traits of Effective Senates” should be discussed, as well as how an independent senate might relate with (each) Dean. One SEC member noted that unions sets up the “us/them” mentality, as laws create the divisions. This makes any progress difficult to achieve.

The SEC noted that Meda Chesney-Lind will be 30% with administration next term. It was determined that her new role would not change her status on the Senate or its committees.

Tiles reported that Richard Nettell (English) asked about the status of the proposal for Pidgin and Creole Certificate. This inquiry will go forward to Neal Smatresk, with a cc to Dan Port, Chair of CAPP.

The SEC discussed how to respond to the Singapore proposal which includes a program in TIM jointly with Temasek Polytechnic. It was decided that it would initially be referred to GEC, CAB, and CAPP, but only if it is not premature to do so. The proposal raises many questions about the academic program, resources, time-frame, and administration of a new campus site and program abroad. Smatresk is exploring a framework for establishing the administration of the unit.

Tiles reported that the CPM was too busy to take on responsibility for a code of conduct. He is suggesting an ad-hoc task force and would like the Senate to discuss this concept at the next meeting to “test the waters.”

Regarding the upcoming election, it is the duty of CFS to prepare for the elections, and to make decisions regarding the process. The goal from the past year was to finalize an electronic process, but there is no obligation to proceed in this manner now. There are some advantages to doing away with a separate nominating election, which has been time consuming and sometimes results in no “back bench”.

At 4:30 pm, the SEC adjourned in order to meet with the Chancellor.


Notes from Meeting with VCR Ostrander:

The SEC discussed the need for a special meeting between between VCS Ostrander, CAB and the SEC regarding JABSOM. The requested timeframe is between January 19 and January 31.

Ostrander reported that the JABSOM Dean Search is progressing deliberatively, and that is a good thing. The Lyon Arboretum Director search has run into difficulty with the first and second choices withdrawing. Also, the search for Director of PBRC is in difficulty. It may be necessary to re-examine the concept of disbanding the unit and folding the researchers into other units (best fit to determine assignments).

Ostrander reported he had delegated some aspects of the RTRF administration in order to make things more efficient.

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