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Manoa Faculty Senate Executive Committee Minutes of January 16, 2007

Present: Chin, Cox,Lampe Rutter, Staff, Tiles

The SEC met at 2:00 pm with VCAA Smatresk. A summary of that meeting is found below.

Chair Tiles called the meeting to order at 3:00 pm.

The minutes of January 8 were approved with a few corrections.

The SEC heard committee reports and discussed the agenda for the January 17 MFS meeting.

Committee Reports:

Per Lampe, CAB met on January 11 and discussed the following: West Oahu situation, possibility of a campus-wide PCC, the creation of an “admissions and enrollment committee”, creation of a system for the senate to annually evaluate the Chancellor, the TIM/Singapore proposal, the status of faculty senators who are concurrently in part-time administrative roles, the resolutions from Library senate, and the UH energy policy.

Per Rutter, CAPP did not yet hold a meeting in the new semester.

Per Staff, CSA met on January 10 and discussed the KCC pathway agreement. Chair Kent will make a preliminary report to the Senate next week.

Per Chin, GEC is considering the TIM/Singapore program.

Per Tiles, CPM met and has decided to present the draft Handbook on April 18.

Per Staff, COA had not yet met in the new semester.

Tiles reported on the joint SEC and CAB meeting with Linda Johnsrud on January 12. The committees agree that the analysis of need that she presented is deeply flawed. There is concern by faculty that Leeward will be damaged by the new campus, and indeed probably should be getting an infusion of funds. There has been no analysis of the transit system plans and how this will impact both Manoa and West Oahu, and the land and development deals are not available for scrutiny.

Agenda for January 17:

The SEC settled on the following agenda:
1. Approval of Minutes
2. Report by the VCS, Francisco Hernandez
3. Report from the Task Force on Assessment
4. Report from CSA on proposed degree pathway agreement with KCC
5. Report from the CAB on the meeting with Linda Johnsrud
6. SEC motion on behalf of the All Campus Council on Faculty Senate Chairs (re: legislation to select BOR selection advisory council)
7. Chair’s report
8. SEC request to set a Congress on February 7 for an address by the Chancellor

Chair Tiles noted that he will be meeting with _____ Ota(?) regarding the budget for the Senate. The SEC members suggested that the ask should include the stipends (which should increase in proportion to the UHPA raises). Also, there should be funding to cover lunches for various senate meetings at Manoa, and for elections, maintaining the new faculty handbook on-line, etc.

The SEC adjourned at 4:50 pm.

---------------------------------------------- Notes from Meeting with VCAA Smatresk

1. Discussion of the Singapore office/program establishment and particularly the TIM program with Temasek Polytechnic. The Singapore government is offering the UHM a very good collaboration. Space will be available for the TIM program at Sentosa resort. It is planned that the TIM program there would be identical to the TIM program here at Manoa, and students could go back and forth. UHM would handle the upper division courses; Temasek would develop the required lower division courses and go through a WASC sub-change review process. The Singapore government is offering a $500,000 low or no-interest loand to start up, with the possibility the loan would be forgiven. Smatresk noted that there is a $5 billion research fund in Singapore, and the government is keen to have applied research done in the business/travel sectors. There is already an $800,000 grant set up for TIM. The Singapore government will cover about 75% of the costs of its students through scholarships. There is great potential for graduate programs there, too, especially a PhD program, and also short-courses and training/professional development. Smatresk hoped to roll out an announcement of this new collaboration at the APAI meeting in March (UHM is the only US university involved).

2. KCC Pathways agreement. Smatresk stated that he’d like to drop the part of the agreement that raises the GPA for transfer as it will hurt the UHM. There are also problems with the current explanation of scholarship portability. Smatresk agreed to rewrite the agreement and transmit is as soon as possible to the SEC.

3. Transcript Evaluation Center. Smatresk announced that there will be 3 positions in this new center, under the Admissions office. Two positions will be funded by Manoa, and hopefully a third one by the system, with Manoa handling all transfer issues. He stressed that departments will still need to make the decisions, but the new center should hasten and streamline decisions. The SEC asked about procedures and timeframe for reviewing transfer course decisions. This procedure currently does not exist, apparently.

4. Retention/Advising. Smatresk noted that he wants “pre-majors” in Banner. This kind of early identification should help retention and the advising process.

5. Privacy Policy. The SEC noted the problems with the current procedure to ‘Opt Out” of having student information shared with the military and for other purposes. Smatresk noted his support for adding

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