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Manoa Faculty Senate Executive Committee Minutes of January 22, 2007

Present: Chin, Cox, Harrigan, Lampe, Rutter, Staff, Tiles

The SEC met with VCS Hernandez at 2:00 pm. A summary of that discussion is attached.

Chair Tiles called the meeting to order at 3:15 p.m.

The minutes of January 16 were approved with a few changes.

Tiles reported that the WomenÕs Faculty Caucus was concerned about lack of women being appointed to high administrative positions. SEC agreed that data was needed in order to discuss any particular future action by the senate.

Rutter noted that Library Faculty Senate is sponsoring two forums to inform faculty and the campus community about the budget crisis and planning for the future. These will be on January 30 (10:30-12:30) and 31 (1:00-3:00). The notice will be sent to the Senate list for distribution.

Tiles and the SEC reviewed what actions have been recently referred to committee:

To CAPP/GEC/CAB/CSA: The Task Force on Assessment report, including an addendum which was in preparation. The SEC discussed the need to further educate the faculty, as many do not seem to understand whatÕs at stake if we donÕt buy into the task force proposal. Because that plan has two options, it is up to the reviewing committees to recommend an option and refine it to any required degree.

Tiles noted that the acronym MAO for Manoa Assessment Office was unfortunate. Staff suggested that we call the office MOA (Manoa Office of Assessment) to make it sound more Hawaiian/Polynesian.

To CSA: To follow up on Information Security Policy. Staff noted she would follow up informally with Stuart Lau, Registrar, and report back.

To CAPP: C- grade. There needs to be a standard Manoa policy on accepting this grade for certain graduate requirements.

To CFS: Some issues have arisen with respect to the recruitment for an Assoc. Vice Chancellor. The SEC would like to have more than one faculty member from the Senate. Instead of just having CFS think up the names, it was suggested that there would be a bigger pool by using the Senate list to recruit interested faculty volunteers.

Carol Ann Dickenson, from the Manoa WomenÕs Faculty Caucus, visited the SEC briefly. She did not have a formal presentation or any data. The SEC reiterated its concern to start looking at any issue by viewing the relevant data.

Tiles noted that he will think about a possible resolution on the need for a system Senate that is properly representational. The ACFSC will be a forum for some discussion. At present Manoa faculty are about 2/3 of the entire faculty.

It was decided that Tiles will invite all the standing committee chairs to a meeting with the SEC on February 5 to discuss this resolution and other matters. Tiles will provide some light refreshments.

The SEC decided to meet at 2:00 next week, since CAB and VCR Ostrander will be meeting with SEC at 3:00 pm.

At 4:30, the SEC adjourned in order to meet with Chancellor Konan.

Summary of Discussion with VCS Hernandez:

Hernandez shared his experiences and parts of the California model for working with minorities to ensure access to the universities. There are many efforts by university faculty and administrators to work at the high school level. Each of the initiatives includes 1) motivating students to want to go to college; 2) providing and interpreting bureaucratic and logistical information; 3) obtaining parental support; and 4) providing academic support to pass college prep courses.

He is particularly interested in and has experience in computer-based coursework for college preparation, such as the University of California College Prep Initiative. This included college prep and advanced placement options, summer academic programs held wherever was a good fit, etc. Some courses can be on-line, others offered at local high schools or community-based youth organizations. Hernandez noted that Hawaii has some upfront advantages here in that there is only one school district and one state university, but efforts are not well developed.

Hernandez thinks that Manoa could take the lead in a partnership with DOE to offer college prep and high quality intro courses. DOE has use of the appropriate bandwidth, and UHM has faculty and curriculum resources. We would then be able to establish the standards. Harrigan noted that there is currently NIH funding available for Hispanics who want a health-related career. Hernandez noted that Senator Sakamoto is planning to introduce a bill for a pilot program. He noted that UHM will have to join this market sometime, and sooner is better than later; there are already for-profit organizations in the market.

Hernandez left a portfolio with some written and computer course sample information with some members of the SEC for their review.

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