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Manoa Faculty Senate Executive Committee Minutes of March 19, 2007

Present: Chin, Cox, Harrigan, Rutter, Lampe, Staff


March 12, 2007: approved



Crane is in place, more noise is occurring as construction progresses. Still hope to meet projected completion dates. Hired a group to represent us, they monitor what is going on in a liaison role so that disruptions do not occur. Progress with renovation of the student center has also being initiated. A representative from faculty Senate has been requested. We will contact committee on faculty service regarding appointment of a representative.


Only two strong liaisons exist with academic linkages. He wants more to be developed. He will request nominations soon. He will be creating a separate committee in the near future. He was asked to prepared the role and charge of the of the committee so that CFS can make appointments.


Traffic accidents on Dole and student jay walking behaviors were discussed as well as availability of spaces for students in National Student Program. The administration wants to decrease the number of students in exchange programs and the number from KCC in the dorms and provide additional space for Manoa tuition paying students. However, Administration did not intentionally want to compromise commitments to existing programs. This will be further explored with Neal Smatresk. Concern was communicated about the need to equalize flow of student from exchange partners. We are deleting agreements with students from exchange partners without active programs. Dr. Hernandez reflected exchange programs are important but our commitment to Hawaii residents is paramount.

Dr. Hernandez was asked about his relationship with students. He has good relationships with ASUH Senators. He anticipates that complaints are not a bad thingÉthey may indicate students are more involved and have higher expectations. Students are respectful and not violent.

Career fair (almost 1,000 participants) was very successful.

Budget requested 35 positions, 32 were approved. Asked for positions in student services. Student compensation was also discussed. We supported the need for increases.

Student Success Center: Will open at the library.

Web Site will provide pictures of construction each day.

School of Hawaiian Knowledge

John Vittorio asked to provide a 15 minute presentation on the New School of Hawaiian Knowledge. Jim thought this was too late for the meeting Wed. He will be advised this needs to go to CAP first. Arts and Sciences needs to respond. This will accomplish due diligence. CAP should also contact SHAPS.

Report BOR meeting on Thursday and Friday

UHPA JN Musto testified that Hinshaw's salary not being public makes it impossible to to provide timely testimony and she is being given a housing allowance when faculty who make much less than her are not given housing allowances. Frazier and Konan asked for an updated salary range for coaches ($200 to 500 thousand for the head coach). The highest paid WAC basketball coach makes only about $400,000. Frazier testified that a coach needs about 3 years to establish a program. Regents suggested that performance incentives may be a better idea than a high base salary. The final approved range of the head coach was limited to $400,000 with the President retaining discretion to approve incentives of up to 25% over this range (more than that would require explicit BoR approval).

VCAA appointment.

Acting should have no ambition to be the next VCAA understand shared governance, and be able to do this job. Check to se if they will accept the nomination

Robert Bley Vroman, Meda ChesenyĐLind, Gay Chan (art), Sterling Keeley, Judith Inazu, Pat Cooper

Robert, Meda, Judith, Pat were selected David affirm all will agree to acting/Interim will communicate to chancellor tomorrow

Election Results

Provisional certification dependent on electronic distribution of tally tomorrow and final electronic ratification (approved)

Tally provided by Charlotte prior to the end of the meeting and certification affirmed,


Assessment Office

No budget available, Faculty Senate should stay out of operational issues Not efficient to take this on. Not sure how to craft partnership, departmental assessment, program assessment done through VCAA office

OFDAS will get some funding in the budget, perhaps they can serve to intervene when depts. Do not do such a good job documenting outcomes. Gen Ed needs some assistance.

Faculty Senate is best at dealing with university wide needsÉhow do we address institutional prioritiesÉnot local needs.

Bill suggested Faculty Senate manage curriculum.

There is no control over university course approval systemÉcould be done through CAPP. School Faculty Senates add layers of control that create problems. Smatresk believes this that good DeanŐs should do this job. DeanŐs are evaluated through anonymous 360Ős . This process is in place. Interim DeanŐs are not evaluated. That is why we are trying to hire permanent DeanŐs. Faculty Senates can be used to resist change. Some Senates work wellÉothers do not. Some do not have the full fact sets. Faculty Senates have difficulties making vertical cuts.

He believes Faculty Senate is becoming too involved in operations. It would be useful to clarify the role of Faculty Senate.

AVCAA search is frozen. Peter Quigley will manage WASC and Faculty development. Peter Quigley will attend WASC this year.

He would like to see a Provost. appointed,.so that there can be one person to decision-make. Right now the Chancellor is the Provost. This is not a good situation. Could be done through delegation.

Chancellor must cast these relationshipsÉthe COO is the most public search and should be an opportunity to hire this team mate for the Chancellor

Right now 4 VC's all see themselves as co-equals as well as Law School Dean, Medical School Dean, and Athletic Director. This is too large load. Decision making needs to be facilitated

Interim names floating aroundÉ.Hinshaw wants an overlap. Names include Linda Johnsrud (needs to understand Manoa and help system support Manoa), Dick Dubinowski, Pat Cooper There was not much agreement beyond that. Need a deeper bench for leadership at this university. Mentoring opportunities for faculty leaders are needed.

This has been a rich learning experience. "The richest in my life, I learned much about diversity and social justice."

VCAA is sending reorganization (he discussed this with us) for consultation it is on the VCAA web site.

Peter Quigley was introduced to the Committee. The role of assessment and OFDAS was discussed.

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