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Manoa Faculty Senate Executive Committee Minutes of April 2, 2007

Present: Cox, Chin, Tiles, Lampe, and Rutter

Chair Tiles called meeting to order at 3:06 pm

A brief discussion about the status of the funding for the Manoa Office for Assessment was held. The MOA may be established in OFDAS. Currently the OFDAS staff are appointed by the VCAA and the GEO budget also comes through the OVCAA. Before the OVCAA was recently reorganized, the GEO budget came through the Manoa Faculty Senate. Concerns about whether the OVCAA or the Senate will appoint the Assessment office 1.5 FTE and what entity will control that budget were raised. Tiles noted that faculty ownership of assessment is important in WASC accreditation, per Ralph Wolff.

The minutes of March 19th were approved subject to editing.

Congress agenda
The agenda for the April 4th Congress was discussed. Rutter will take minutes in Harrigan's stead.

Lampe distributed revisions to the bylaws which were small clarifications. The SEC passed those revisions and those revised documents will be presented to the Congress.

Access to the minutes of the March 21st Senate meeting and the upcoming Congress must be included in the ballot that will be distributed to the faculty to vote on the proposed bylaws, charter, and elections code revisions. It was determined that the webpage that has links to the three documents will also have links to the relevant minutes, (Senate March 21st and Congress April 4th).

Bley-Vroman will make the presentation to the Congress, with Lampe as a backup. Ten to twelve copies of the documents will be present and Tiles will have a computer to display the documents as well.

The Committee on Faculty Service has 14 nominees for the SEC. The bio's will be distributed via mfs-l. Rutter will update the mfs-l. The bylaws stipulate that the election should be completed by June 1st, but the SEC hopes that the new SEC will be identified before then.

Interim Deans and Vice Chancellors
The SEC discussed the importance of having interim administrators who do not intend to be candidates for those positions to avoid conflicts of interest.

The GEC vice chair will not be able to be the GEC chair. The SEC discussed how this position might be filled.

Peter Quigley
Tiles will invite AVCAA Quigley to an SEC meeting.

Other SEC business
CPM: CPM is looking at the new faculty handbook website this week.

Tiles said that he's received interesting feedback regarding UH announce message sent about faculty treatment of graduate students.

VCAA Smatresk At 4:10 pm VCAA Smatresk arrived.

A discussion about Dean/Director evaluations ensued. Smatresk said that the reviews will occur after the first three years of a dean's tenure, and thereafter every five years. He said that they will involve all staff and faculty in the dean's unit. The OVCAA has been tweaking the survey and tailors it to the particular dean's responsibilities.

Smatresk recommended that if the Senate wants to evaluate the Chancellor, the Senate should work with McClain on the process. The OVCAA has the ability to run the survey and would provide the Senate with that support.

The OVCAA has a small reorganization that has gone to CAB. Lampe said that CAB needs the dollar figures. Smatresk will provide that information. He noted that the Chancellor's office reorganization is three fourths complete, with positions filled. The current biennium budget asks for money to complete that reorganization. The new chancellor will have a much more fleshed out organization than Englert or Konan have had to work with. Smatresk would like to see an interim VCAA named soon.

SEC meeting ended at 5 pm.

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