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Manoa Faculty Senate Annual Committee Report 2007-08
Committee on Administration and Budget (CAB)


Committee composition

The committee held its first meeting on 30 August 2008 and met monthly thereafter. At the August meeting John Casken was elected chair and Shirley Daniel agreed to serve as secretary. In January 2008 Professor Casken resigned as chair due to illness. Ross Christensen agreed to serve as convener and to facilitate committee meetings. Also in January, Barry Raleigh resigned, and Scott Rowland joined the committee representing SOEST.

Summary of activities

This academic year the committee addressed numerous issues. A selection of topics discussed by the committee includes the following:

Vice Chancellor Kathy Cutshaw met four times with the committee (25 October 2007, and 24 January, 20 March, and 24 April 2008) to discuss the UHM budget, long-range planning, and related issues. (The committee plans to meet again with the Vice Chancellor on May 8). It was decided in consultation with the Vice Chancellor that for the present CAB will serve to provide a faculty perspective in the budget process.

Professor David Ericson, Sandy Davis, and Sarita Rai met with the committee (28 February 2008) to express concerns about the appointment of a new Interim Assistant Vice Chancellor for International Programs.

David Hafner, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Campus Services, met with the committee (25 October 2007) to discuss the state of UHM facilities and the budget required for repair and maintenance. Concerns were raised about the need for greater fiscal and human resources to maintain facilities.

A CAB representative attended the 23 April 2008 meeting with Chancellor Hinshaw to discuss shared governance.

CAB representatives also attended a meeting with visitors from WASC (30 October 2007) where faculty participation in the budget process was a central topic.

Major Actions

Faculty survey of budget priorities

In order to gather faculty perspective on UHM budget priorities, the committee developed an online survey conducted during the month of February 2008. The results of the survey were shared with Vice Chancellor Cutshaw and posted on the Manoa Faculty Senate web site (http://www.hawaii.edu/uhmfs/index.htm).

Memo regarding UHM International Programs

In response to issues raised by faculty and others regarding the appointment of a new Interim Assistant Vice Chancellor for International Programs, the committee drafted a memo to the SEC and transmitted to the Chancellor, expressing concerns about the lack of consultation with faculty and about the qualifications required for the position. The memo requested that the previous Interim Assistant Vice Chancellor be reinstated. The memos from CAB and from the SEC are posted on the Manoa Faculty Senate web site.

Ongoing Issue

The issue of tenure on appointment for administrators requires additional consideration by the committee.

Submitted by Ross Christensen

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