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Manoa Faculty Senate Annual Committee Report 2007-08
Committee on Faculty Service (CFS)


Steve Brown (ED), Nathan Chang (SOCWK), Wendy Kawabata (A&H), Carol Kellett (LIBSVCS) (Chair), Marian Melish (JABSOM), Lurana O'Malley (A&H), Aspy Palia (SCB) , Karol Richardson (N/DH), Ilia Roussev (ORU), Elizabeth Wichmann-Walczak (A&H), Jean Young (CTAHR), Ivica Zalud (JABSOM)

The committee ran electronic elections for senate elections. Voting in the MFS election was average (overall 27.41%; low of 13.79%, high 45.24%). Voting in the SEC election was very good (71%).

CFS received several requests via SEC for faculty to serve on various campus and system committees, boards and workgroups:

The committee is working with SEC and administration to formalize a list of all campus and system committees with faculty representation as part of the ongoing shared governance discussion with the Chancellor.

In early May 2008, the committee is sending out a call to all Mānoa faculty asking them to indicate the kinds of committees on which they would be willing to serve. This practice started last year and I recommend this practice be continued.

Submitted by Carol Kellett, Chair

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