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Manoa Faculty Senate Annual Committee Report 2007-08
Committee on Research (COR)

Committee on Research Year End Report 2007-2008

Membership: Shana Brown, Beei-Huan Chao, Vernadette Gonzalez, Patrick Henry, Justin Levinson, Kelly Roberts, David Ross, Magi Sarvimaki, Tricia Wright, Michael Jones (guest), Roy Wilkens (Chair), and Klaus Keil (SEC Liaison)

The COR met 7 times between September, 2007 and May, 2008. Issues that were monitored or investigated included RTRF distribution, plans for improving the function of the Office of Sponsored Research (ORS) and its possible transfer from the system level back to control by the Manoa Chancellor, genetic engineering research and bioprospecting at UH, and the draft policy on classified and proprietary research left over from the 2006-2007 academic year.

During the course of the year the COR met with Gary Ostrander, Vice Chancellor for Research & Graduate Education (twice); Kathy Cutshaw, Vice Chancellor for Administration, Finance & Operations; Vassilis Syrmos, Associate Vice Chancellor for Research and Graduate Education; Yaa-Yin Fong, Director of ORS (twice); Carol Santucci, ORS InfoEd Specialist; David Duffy, Pacific Cooperative Studies Unit Director (Botany).

Some Highlights:

The Faculty Senate approved the new Policy on Classified and Proprietary Research at the November, 2007 meeting. Vice Chancellor Ostrander and Yaa-Yin Fong met with the CoR in February, 2008, to discuss the policy and its implementation. VC Ostrander expressed the hope that a modified form of the Manoa policy might become official Regents policy for the entire system. He agreed to publishing an open list of projects involving classification, but was not comfortable with the specificity described in the present policy document. The administration’s main concern is with the safety of the P.I.’s and their office and laboratory spaces. After some discussion the CoR agreed to look at abstracted data that would be put up on a website. See the CoR minutes for further details. The CoR is expecting to look at sample abstracts at its May meeting.

The committee discussed on 2 occasions possible legislation that would impinge on UH research efforts. No action was taken, but this year’s committee will recommend to next year’s committee that they spend time examining both sides of the GMO and bioprospecting issues so that the entire Senate might have an informed opinion when the legislature again addresses them.

The committee was fully briefed on the InfoEd system being adopted by ORS for grant and contract management. The new system will make it much simpler for the faculty to get statistics regarding restrictions of all sorts in research contracts. It will also greatly streamline the proposal process and serve as a source of information for those seeking funding in a wide variety of fields.

Submitted by Roy Wilkens, Chair

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