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Manoa Faculty Senate Annual Committee Report 2007-08
Committee on Professional Matters (CPM)

Committee on Professional Matters met six times and accomplished the following:

1. Reviewed and recommended revisions to Policy on Classified and Proprietary Research (Committee on Research).

2. Reviewed and recommended revisions to Tenure upon Initial Appointment.

3. Reviewed Executive Policy E9-214 – Division/Department Chairs, decided it needed extensive revision, and recommended changes. CPM Chair Andrea Bartlett participated in the Committee of Chairs meeting 11/7/07, when this issue was addressed.

4. Members reviewed the Faculty Handbook Wiki, and some made changes to their assigned sections. We found that the Wiki includes outdated information, and a few members had technical difficulties. Andrea Bartlett asked the Webmaster to move the Wiki from “Policies” to “Documents.”

5. Presented a Document Simplification Resolution to UHM Faculty Senate, 3/19/08, which was tabled. Revised and presented this resolution 4/16/08, when it passed.

Submitted by Andrea Bartlett, Chair

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