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Manoa Faculty Senate Annual Committee Report 2007-08
Committee on Student Affairs (CSA)

2007-2008 Manoa Faculty Senate, Committee on Student Affairs

Committee Members: Al Katz (chair), Jerome Comcowich, James Cowen, Richard Manshardt, Nancy Stockert, Maryann Overstreet (joined the committee Spring 2008), Bob Gibson (served on the committee Fall 2007), Katsuhiro Ota, Sandy Davis, Bev Keever, Gaye Sibley (joined the committee Spring 2008), Sheri Fong, Jon Morse (served on the committee Fall 2007), Susan Furmanski (ASUH representative Fall 2007), Francis Choe (ASUH representative Spring 2008)

SEC Liaison: Graham Crookes

Committee’s charge as taken from the Senate's Constitution and Bylaws:

The Committee shall provide oversight of student affairs and make specific recommendations to the Senate Executive Committee on issues related to the improvement of quality educational and co-curricular experiences for students. These include, but are not limited to: registration, advising, dismissal, withdrawal from courses, student government, and both undergraduate and graduate student publications.

The Committee on Student Affairs (CSA) evaluated a number of issues that affect the experience of students at UH Manoa.

The main focus of the committee speaks to the need for student representation on the committee. Both ASUH and GSO were invited to participate on the committee. Both ASUH and GSO welcomed our invitation, and an ASUH representative participated actively in committee meeting. GSO was kept on our e-mail list although despite numerous phone calls and e-mail reminders, GSO did not attend any meetings.

Issues addressed by the committee included:

1. Allegations made by former student athlete Ian Sample on his My Space blog.

These allegations, related to drug use and academic misconduct by student athletes, were picked up and disseminated by the national press.

The committee met with Peter Nicholson, Faculty Athletics Representative (FAR), on 4 October 2007.

We were informed that Athletics Director, Herman Frasier appointed three persons to investigate the allegations: Bill Bryant (compliance coordinator for the athletics department), Ron Cambra (assistant vice chancellor for undergraduate education and student academic athletic services), and Peter Nicholson.

Submitted by Al Katz, Chair

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