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Minutes, Agendas & Reports: 2011-12

Senate Executive Committee

November 14

Hawaii Hall 208

Meeting with Faculty re: 45 upper division course credit requirements (3:15 - 3:45)



  • Planning for Spring 2012 - (1) SEC/Admin Retreat? (2) Dates/times for meetings with administrators; (3) SEC/Committee Chair Retreat?
  • Year-end internal Fiscal Deadlines
  • Replacement of Michiko Bigus has had to resign from the W Focus Board, effective at the end of this semester.

    Rayne Isaki, who also works in the Manoa Advising Center, has graciously consented to take Michiko's place. Since this was the first semester of Michiko's term, Rayna would serve on the W Focus Board until June 2014.

MINUTES - approval of 10/17 & 10/31 & 11/7 Minutes



During a recent IT Security meeting of UH Systems, Community Colleges and Manoa Unit personnel, a number of issues were discussed, among which were the:

1. Tremendous increase in Spam/Phishing mail which are being targeted specifically to users and the 3-fold increase (323) in the number of compromised UH accounts from last year‚s 112 and a 16-fold increase from the 2008 figure of 20 incidents
2. Initiative to strengthened UH passwords
3. Move of all faculty and staff to google mail (possible phishing attempts may increase)
4. Scanning of computers (not just servers) for sensitive personal information (social security #s, birth dates etc)

It is anticipated that all UH Staff will be required to move their email to Google by Spring (2012) and Faculty by Summer (2012). The time frames are tentative and may change. Another memo will be sent out as more details are known. Meanwhile, if you receive any messages about this from other sources and you are not sure that they are authentic, forward them on to us (see below).

  • Commitee Reports



  • SEC is scheduled to meet with the search firm on November 15th from 4-5 pm in Conference Room 412 of the Queen Liliuokalani Building. (Regan Gouch of Isaacson, Miller is preparing a packet of material about the information that they are seeking for the UHM Chancellor Profile statement. The materials will be forwarded to you to share with others planning to attend the meeting.)
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