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Minutes, Agendas & Reports: 2011-12

University of Hawaii at Manoa Faculty Senate, November 16, 2011

Architecture Auditorium/ Arch 205; 3:00 - 4:00 pm



  1. Call to Order
  2. Chair’s Report (Results of Congress vote on proposed By-Law Amendments)
  3. Approval of October 19 Senate Minutes
  4. Business
    1. SEC
      1. Motion to Approve SEC Recommendation to Purchase I-Clickers

Motion Passed: 40 in support; 23 opposed. Final Motion available at: http://www.hawaii.edu/uhmfs/documents/2011_12/20111116_motion_iclickers.html

    1. CAB
      1. Motion to Endorse Proposal to Reorganize the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research and Graduate Education (VCRGE)
        1. Reorganization Checklist

Motion to Table pending CORGE review Passed: 40 in support; 8 opposed. Tabled Motion available at: http://www.hawaii.edu/uhmfs/documents/2011_12/20111116_motion_vcrge reorg.html

    1. Committee Updates
      1. Committee on Professional Matters (CPM)
      2. Committee on Administration and Budget (CAB)
  1. Adjournment


Absent (9)

Venkataraman Balaraman; Michael Cooney; Ariana Eichelberger; Guliz Erdem; L Neil Frazer; Henry Lew; John Madey; Raul Rudoy; Kate Zhou

Excused (13)

Williamson Chang; Donna Ching; Shirley Daniel; Jayson Dibble; Tim Dye; Anne Leake; Mark Levin; Dongmei Li; Luciano Minerbi; Thanh Truc Nguyen; Carol Plummer; Hamid Pourjalali; Herbert Ziegler

Present (66)

Chizuko Allen; Ronald Bontekoe; Marguerite Butler; James Caron; James Cartwright; John Casken; Richard Chadwick; Beei-Huan Chao; William Chapman; Thomas Conway; Robert Cooney; Robert Cowie; Linda Cox; Martha Crosby; Sandra Davis; Saori Doi; David Duffy; David Ericson; Thomas Ernst; Brian Glazer; Jing Guo; Debora Halbert; Cynthia Hew; Susan Hippensteele (Ex-Officio); Peter Hoffmann; Wei Huang; Joseph Jarrett; Lilikala Kameeleihiwa; Kenneth Kipnis; David Leake; Chin Lee; Spencer Leineweber; Barry Lienert; Ingrid Lin; Scott Lozanoff; Bonnyjean Manini; Patricia Masters; Jennifer Matsuda; Dore  Minatodani; Joyce Najita; Beau Nakamoto; Richard Nettell; Torben Nielsen; Lawrence Nitz; Ian Pagano; Raymond  Panko; Benito Quintana; Robert Richmond; H. Ronald Riggs; Stacey Roberts; Kelly Roberts; Scott Rowland; Todd Sammons; Lilia Santiago; Ekaterina  Sherstyuk; Janice Shoultz; Victor Stenger; Carolyn Stephenson; Ashley Stokes; Jane  Uyehara-Lock; Douglas Vincent; Cynthia Ward; Pal  Wessel; Kelley Withy; Annette Wong; Halina Zaleski; Pavel Zinin


  1. Call to Order - 3:05 pm
  2. Chair’s Report
    • Attendance Policy: New attendance policy approved
    • CORGE: New CORGE status
    • Chancellor Search: Chancellor's search initiated; members list available online, 13 of 23 are faculty, 6 of 12 SEC recommended names accepted. Few from A&S, none from Social Science. Key issue for Manoa: improvement of quality and reputation in undergraduate programs.  While research is certainly important, we will press for somebody that can equitably develop all aspects of the university.  Encouraging that many members of the committee seem to understand this.
  3. Approval of October 2011 Minutes: MSP with minor amendment, Motion to approve Passed: unanimous.
  4. Business
  • Motion to Approve SEC Recommendation to Purchase I-Clickers (SEC)

SEC Vice Chair, Bonnyjean Manini, presented points in favor of the motion, such as accuracy in voting, maintaining a quorum, assure anonymity or record as the Senate prefers. Questions were raised about time saved and complication. Kristin Herrick, Senate Administrative Coordinator, provided a trial run with a sample of clickers.  Discussion ensued about logistics of alternative methods of distributing I-Clickers, cost options, software substitutions, consistency with the Manoa Faculty Senate Rules of Order, and so on.

Motion Passed: 40 in favor; 23 opposed.

Final Motion available at: http://www.hawaii.edu/uhmfs/documents/2011_12/20111116_motion_iclickers.html

  • Motion to Endorse Proposal to Reorganize the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research and Graduate Education (CAB)

Doug Vincent, Chair of CAB, noted that CAB unanimously endorsed the Proposal to Reorganize the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research and Graduate Education (VCRGE).  The Proposal would reorganize support, laboratory, animal welfare, and the Committee on Human Studies. A question was raised as to whether the Committee on Research and Graduate Education (CORGE) was given an opportunity to review the Reorganization Proposal.  It was clarified that the Proposal was not forwarded to CORGE for review, and was only forwarded to CAB.

Motion to table until CORGE reviews Proposal passed: 40 in support; 8 opposed.  

Tabled Motion & supporting documents available at:
http://www.hawaii.edu/uhmfs/documents/2011_12/20111116_motion_vcrge reorg.html

  • Committee Update: Committee on Professional Matters (CPM)

Halina Zaleski, CPM Chair, reported on the issues being reviewed by CPM.

  • Course Advertising: Question arose about advertising courses in Ka Leo. Pros and cons are being reviewed. CPM felt that no Senate action was necessary on this issue. 
  • Tenure and Promotion Guidelines: Last year, CPM recommended that each academic unit clarify guidelines as to how publication authorship is counted in tenure and promotion. The VCAA recommended reorganization of TPRCs, e.g., one large one, or several smaller ones with semi-permanent members. VCAA Dasenbrock noted that most peer institutions have one large, university-wide TPRC. A Senator pointed out that, sometimes, Deans have reason to deny tenure because of budget implications. Other issues were raised concerning faculty selection, such as why some faculty would refuse and others regularly agree to serve, possibly leading to bias in TPRCs. Another problem is inconsistencies among TPRCs, for instance, one committee accepting a book manuscript not yet published, and others not. Yet another dimension is consistency in criteria across departments, schools, and TPRCs in general. Some schools, such as the Medical School, have more non-tenure track faculty than tenure track faculty, diluting the tenure system. Among implications of this shift is the denial of union rights.  Soft money positions are a significant factor in this shift.
  • Emeritus Title: Emeritus title criteria to be reviewed.
  • Partner Hire Policy: AAUP has new recommendations as of 2010 and CPM will review UH’s current policy to ensure it is in line with the new recommendations.
  • Evaluation of Administration: CPM is considering a public evaluation process similar to that of the University of Michigan and has created a consent form, which is required under Hawaii law in order to evaluate public officials.
  • CPM’s next meeting: Friday, November 18, 2011; Hawaii Hall 208; 10:30. All are welcomed.

  • Committee Update: Committee on Administration and Budget (CAB)
Doug Vincent, CAB Chair, reported on the issues being reviewed by CAB including:
  • Reorganization: as previously discussed.
  • Review of Senate Bylaws
  • International Scholarship proposal
  • Manoa Faculty Housing
  • M3-101 Policy
  • Whistleblower policy
  • CAB has not yet met with Gary Ostrander, but will continue to work toward setting up a meeting. CORGE has also been unsuccessful in arranging meetings with the VCRGE.

Robert Cooney closed noting that although the MFS is often characterized as too slow, the great advantage is that issues are thoroughly vetted and we usually come out with decisions that get it right.

  1. Adjournment: Moved, seconded, passed at 4:01 pm

Respectfully submitted,
Richard W. Chadwick, Secretary