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Minutes, Agendas & Reports: 2011-12

University of Hawaii at Manoa Faculty Senate, December 7, 2011

Architecture Auditorium/ Arch 205; 3:00 - 4:00 pm



  1. Call to Order
  2. Chair's Report
  3. Minutes
    1. Approval of November 16 Senate Minutes
  4. Business
    1. Motion to Endorse Proposal to Reorganize the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research and Graduate Education (OVCRGE) (tabled on 11/16/11 for CORGE review)

Motion Passed: Unanimous; Approved Motion available at:

    1. Resolution to Retain the Hawaii Cooperative Fisheries Research Unit at the University of Hawaii at Manoa Campus

Resolution Passed: Unanimous; Approved Resolution available at:

    1. Resolution on the Importance of Undergraduate Education in the Chancellor Search

Resolution Passed: 41 in support; 3 against; 5 abstentions; Approved Resolution available at:

  1. Committee Updates
    1. CAPP
    2. CORGE
  2. Adjournment


Absent (19)
Chizuko Allen; Michael Cooney; Guliz Erdem; L Neil Frazer; Brian Glazer; Henry Lew; Scott Lozanoff; John Madey; Richard Nettell; Raymond Panko; Carol Plummer; Raul Rudoy; Cynthia Ward; Kate Zhou

Excused (14)
Venkataraman Balaraman; Williamson Chang; Linda Cox; Shirley Daniel; Jayson Dibble; David Duffy; David Ericson; Thomas Ernst; Lilikala Kameeleihiwa; Anne Leake; Mark Levin; Barry Lienert; Hamid Pourjalali; Benito Quintana; Victor Stenger; Jane Uyehara-Lock; Pal Wessel; Kelley Withy; Herbert Ziegler

Present (55)
Ronald Bontekoe; Marguerite Butler; James Caron; James Cartwright; John Casken; Richard Chadwick; Beei-Huan Chao; William Chapman; Donna Ching; Thomas Conway; Robert Cooney; Robert Cowie; Martha Crosby; Sandra Davis; Saori Doi; Tim Dye; Ariana Eichelberger; Jing Guo; Debora Halbert; Cynthia Hew; Peter Hoffmann; Wei Huang; Joseph Jarrett; Kenneth Kipnis; David Leake; Chin Lee; Spencer Leineweber; Dongmei Li; Ingrid Lin; Bonnyjean Manini; Patricia Masters; Jennifer Matsuda; Dore Minatodani; Luciano Minerbi; Joyce Najita; Beau Nakamoto; Thanh Truc Nguyen; Torben Nielsen; Lawrence Nitz; Ian Pagano; Robert Richmond; H. Ronald Riggs; Stacey Roberts; Kelly Roberts; Scott Rowland; Todd Sammons; Lilia Santiago; Ekaterina Sherstyuk; Janice Shoultz; Carolyn Stephenson; Ashley Stokes; Douglas Vincent; Annette Wong; Halina Zaleski; Pavel Zinin


  1. Call to Order - by Chair Robert Cooney at 3:10 pm.
  2. Chair’s Report
    • WASC: WASC is requiring some data from UH periodically and the SEC is working with the administration to determine the best course of action. Senators should expect inquiries about service.
    • I-Clickers: I-clickers will be purchased for $1,000 less than anticipated, and a member of the SEC, Bonnyjean Manini, donated her relief funds for the purchase so no MFS operating funds will be used.
    • Senate Newsletter: A Senate newsletter will be created and transmitted in January as a way to summarize Senate activities for the faculty. Committees will be asked to provide written reports by January 9th so that they can be summarized and included in the newsletter.
    • CSA resolution: Chair Cooney will not be involved in the discussion of the Resolution later in the meeting, but provided data on the screen showing the composition of the Chancellor Search Committee by college and also all UH faculty members by college. While all individuals on the Search Committee are very well qualified, there appears to be under-representation especially in undergraduate education, while medicine is a bit over-expressed (although it is certainly important).
    • Attendance: Enforcement of the new attendance policy will begin next semester. Under the policy, three unexcused absences from either committee or senate meetings will result in automatic resignation from the Senate and a letter to the Department.
  3. Approval of November 2011 Minutes
    • Parliamentarian follow-up re: I-Clickers & By-Laws: Parliamentarian Halina Zaleski noted that Roberts Rules allows any Senator to question voting result, which could lead to an in-person, visible vote in the room if the I-Clickers were used.
    • Approval of November 16 Senate Minutes: An amendment was made to change the reference to “Roberts Rules of Order” to the “Manoa Faculty Senate Rules of Order.” Motion to approve Passed: unanimous.
  4. Business
  • Motion to Endorse Proposal to Reorganize the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research and Graduate Education (OVCRGE) (tabled on 11/16/11 for CORGE review)

Doug Vincent, Chair of CAB, presented CAB’s 11/16 Motion that was tabled pending CORGE review at the last Senate meeting. Ron Bontekoe, Chair of CORGE, introduced a proposed amendment to the VCRGE reorganization plan and CAB accepted their proposal as a friendly amendment to its original Motion. The amendment asked that institutional review boards be added to the OVCRGE organization chart. IRB's should be faculty staffed. Ethics of due process is of concern.

A Senator questioned whether EHSO was purposely left out and noted that it should be included in the new compliance office. It was noted that EHSO is not tied to Federal funds and may perform a different function.

Resolution Approved unanimously.

Final Resolution available at: http://www.hawaii.edu/uhmfs/documents/2011_12/20111207_motion_vcrge_reorg.html

  • Resolution to Retain the Hawaii Cooperative Fisheries Research Unit at the University of Hawaii at Manoa Campus

Ron Bontekoe, Chair of CORGE, introduced Marguerite Butler, member of CORGE and Natural Sciences Senator, to present the resolution on behalf of CORGE. Senator Butler explained the Resolution line by line. The UH President recently made the decision to move the Hawaii Cooperative Fisheries Research Unit from Manoa to Hilo without consulting the faculty. While at Manoa, the Unit had brought in substantial extramural funding and attracted top-notch PhD students who went on to leadership roles in government and other sectors. The Unit’s faculty members teach the only marine science courses at UHM. President Greenwood has stated that she wants to spread fisheries research across the UH system, but this is in conflict with their primary mission since Hilo has no PhD program. The UHM Marine Biology graduate program, which just got started, would also be damaged. Marine fisheries research, provided at Manoa, and aquaculture, which is the primary focus at Hilo, are not the same thing. The USGS is unhappy with inadequate support given by the College of Natural Sciences in the past because an APT was needed and only a clerk-typist was provided. The decision to move the Unit to Hilo was made without any consultation despite repeated requests to the Vice Chancellor to act on their behalf, and the USGS is unwilling to split up the program between Hilo and Manoa.

A Senator asked if there were any faculty members from the Unit here on campus. It was explained that Dr. Friedlander is a faculty member from the Unit on campus, but he was told to stay away because, as a Federal employee, he may appear to be lobbying and hence could lose his job (under the Hatch Act). Another Senator remarked that the Senate should raise the question of proper consultation with the UH President.

A non-Senator member of the Department of Biology thanked the Senate for its support.

Resolution Approved: Unanimous

Final Resolution available at: http://www.hawaii.edu/uhmfs/documents/2011_12/20111207_resolution_fisheries.html

  • Resolution on the Importance of Undergraduate Education in the Chancellor Search

Ken Kipnis, member of CSA, reviewed the issue of the search committee as overwhelmingly representing science, with very little roots in liberal arts or humanities (none in fact). Hence the resolution which was intended to correct the imbalance.

A Senator questioned how the committee became disproportionate. It was noted that there is strong support for science funding, which may be why the Sciences are clearly represenated on the committee.

A Senator found the implication offensive that the current committee members do not have a commitment to undergraduate education. The wording seems to imply that. Others raised similar objections and a lively discussion ensued.

A senator proposed an amendment to simply say that there should be adequate representation from the liberal arts and CSA accepted this as a a friendly amendment. A change to wording like “Undergraduate education needs to be represented,” was also considered as a friendly amendment. 

A member of the SEC noted that only 5 of the 581 faculty in Arts and Humanities volunteered their services for the search committee. A Senator noted that one reason for this lack of enthusiasm might have been that a Dean selection was currently under way so some who otherwise would have volunteered may not have. Another Senator noted that some who were on previous committees seem not to have been listened to and so did not want to go through a similar experience.

Another Senator pointed out that the proper process was followed and that, as a result, the Senate should not question the results. It was noted that the message being sent isn't to restart the process, but rather that liberal arts should not be forgotten; and further, that the President did not choose to follow the process previously used and chose instead to head the search herself. The President could have balanced the committee with deans and other positions or could have requested additional names from the faculty.

Another Sentor noted that “Liberal Arts” includes many of the sciences, and that the problem that came to the SEC was that - of all four Colleges in the College of Arts and Sciences - only one faculty member is on the committee. This college has about 5 times as many faculty as any other Colleges so it is clearly under-represented. Further, this Senate passed a resolution that made the point that undergraduate education was important and it doesn’t seem that that resolution was taken seriously by the President or Search committee.

A Senator asked what the practical implication of the resolution would be, since the committee has already been populated. It was suggested that there may be additions to the committee. Nevertheless, lack of diversity and under-representation of the undergraduate experience are the key points. Another Senator suggested removing the word “accomplishment.”

Additional amendments to the wording were proposed and passed with 45 in favor of the amendments, and 5 against. The final version is provided below.

Resolution, with amendments, Approved: 41 in favor, 3 against, 5 abstentions

Final Resolution available at: http://www.hawaii.edu/uhmfs/documents/2011_12/20111207_resolution_chancellorsearch_undergrad.html

5. Committee Updates

  • Committee Update: Committee on Academic Policy and Planning (CAPP)

    Stacy Roberts, Chair of CAPP, presented the report on behalf of the committee.

    CAPP has not yet introduced resolutions to the Senate this semester, but plans to do so next semester. CAPP was asked by the VCAA to reconsider the Excess Credit Policy that was passed last year by the Senate. Students with dual majors or changed majors benefit from the policy and CAPP decided not to recondiser the policy. Joint working groups on critial thinking and institutional learning objectives have been created. CAPP is also considering the undergraduate degree implementation program to discern why 4 year degree plans are not being effectuated, as most students graduate after 5 years. Anohter issue is suspension of academic actions, which CAPP is considering extending at the request of the VCAA. Another issue is implementation of the Grade Replacement Policy that was adopted by the Senate last year, as the VCAA has provided a report detailing implmentaion issues with Banner.

  1. Committee Update: Committee on Research and Graduate Education (CORGE)

Ron Bontekoe, Chair of CORGE, presented the report on behalf of the committee.

CORGE was asked to review reorganization plans for CTAHR and VCRGE, and was asked to look at the Kewalo closure issue, along with CAB. CORGE presented one resolution to the Senate that was passed today and another one that was rejected a few months ago. CORGE considered the Graduate Division’s policy of walking before all degree requirements were met and decided this was an acceptable practice. Marking “Probation” on the transcript of those who have not yet graduated was brought up as a concern since students were negative impacted and this is in the process of being remedied by the Dean of the Graduate Division. CORGE is also working with the Graduate Student Organization (GSO) on a Graduate student Bill of Rights and Responsibilities that they hope to bring to the Senate next semester.

Report available at: http://www.hawaii.edu/uhmfs/minutes/2011_12/corge_report_20111206.pdf

6. Adjournment: Moved, seconded, passed at 4:25 pm

Respectfully submitted,
Richard W. Chadwick, Secretary