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Minutes, Agendas & Reports: 2011-12

University of Hawaii at Manoa Faculty Senate, March 21, 2012

Architecture Auditorium/ Arch 205; 3:00 - 4:00 pm



Motion Approved: http://www.hawaii.edu/uhmfs/documents/2011_12/20120321_motion_common%20course%20numbering%20process.html (49 in favor; 3 against)

Motion Approved: http://www.hawaii.edu/uhmfs/documents/2011_12/20120321_motion_Tobacco%20free%20campus.html (29 in favor; 21 against)

Resolution Approved: http://www.hawaii.edu/uhmfs/documents/2011_12/20120321_reso_facultyhousing.html (48 in favor; 7 against)

Resolution Approved: http://www.hawaii.edu/uhmfs/documents/2011_12/20120321_reso_ctahrmagoonfacility.html (55 in support; 4 against)

Resolution Approved: http://www.hawaii.edu/uhmfs/documents/2011_12/20120321_reso_Native%20Hawaiian%20recruitment.html (42 in favor; 12 against)


Absent (5)
Guliz Erdem; Scott Lozanoff; Raul Rudoy; Lilia Santiago; Kate Zhou

Excused (16)
Venkataraman Balaraman; James Caron; Beei-Huan Chao; Ariana Eichelberger; Spencer Leineweber; Mark Levin; Henry Lew; Richard Nettell; Lawrence Nitz; Carol Plummer; Hamid Pourjalali; Kelly Roberts; Ekaterina Sherstyuk; Victor Stenger; Jane Uyehara-Lock; Cynthia Ward

Present (65)
Chizuko Allen; Ronald Bontekoe; Marguerite Butler; James Cartwright; John Casken; Richard Chadwick; William Chain; Williamson Chang; William Chapman; Donna Ching; Thomas Conway; Michael Cooney; Robert Cooney; Robert Cowie; Linda Cox; Martha Crosby; Sandra Davis; Saori Doi; David Duffy; Tim Dye; David Ericson; Thomas Ernst; L Neil Frazer; Brian Glazer; Jing Guo; Debora Halbert; Cynthia Hew; Peter Hoffmann; Wei Huang; Joseph Jarrett; Lilikala Kameeleihiwa; Kenneth Kipnis; David Leake; Chin Lee; Dongmei Li; Barry Lienert; Ingrid Lin; Bonnyjean Manini; Patricia Masters; Jennifer Matsuda; Dore Minatodani; Luciano Minerbi; Joyce Najita; Beau Nakamoto; Thanh Truc Nguyen; Torben Nielsen; Ian Pagano; Raymond Panko; Benito Quintana; Karol Richardson; Robert Richmond; H. Ronald Riggs; Stacey Roberts; Scott Rowland; Todd Sammons; Janice Shoultz;; Carolyn Stephenson; Ashley Stokes; Douglas Vincent; Pal Wessel; Kelley Withy; Annette Wong; Brandon Yoza; Halina Zaleski;
Herbert Ziegler; Pavel Zinin

Guests - Faculty (7)
Teresita Amore; Monica Stitt-Bergh; David Ross; Gwen Sinclair; Brent Sipes; Koon-Hui Wang; Laiaa Wong

Guests - Other (1)
Ryan Mandado


  • CALL TO ORDER- 3:05 pm
    • Chancellor candidates will be visiting campus in April. Please attend the public addresses of each.
    • The agenda item regarding the VCRGE has been deferred to allow CAB and CORGE to assess recent developments regarding PBRC.
  • 2012-13 ELECTION RESULTS: Ian Pagano reported for CFS
    • Motion to Endorse All Campus Council of Faculty Senate Chair's Common Course Numbering Process Proposal - MSP
    • Motion to Endorse ASUH Tobacco-Free Campus Resolution
    • Resolution Relating to Faculty Housing
      • Presented by Committee on Administration and Budget
      • Issue #12
      • University Housing Assistance Program UH Executive Policy, May 2011
      • UHM Faculty Housing Rental Housing Program
      • Resolution: Doug Vincent presented three motions, noting that currently there are no currently effective housing policies. A chart showing the distribution of residents by income category and years of residency was presented; some faculty had salaries well over $100,000, some had been in faculty housing up to 17 years, despite a long waiting list. Some discussion ensued about using cash subsidies as an alternative to housing in general, noting the great difficulty of buying in Hawaii. VC Cathy Cutshaw explained the new policies being explored, taking into account a balance of equity issues and the need to keep the facilities filled.
      • Amendment proposed by Margurite Butler - motion to change maximum from 3 to 5 years. Amendment passed 31:25. Vote on amended resolution: passed 48:7
      • It was suggested to ask people to leave in stages depending on how long they've been there, e.g., 15 years, 10 years, 5 years; and to change the minimum limit to 5 years.
    • Resolution Relating to the CTAHR Magoon Research and Teaching Facility
      • Presented by Committee on Administration and Budget
      • Issue #70
      • CTAHR Faculty Senate Magoon Resolution (supporting the value and importance of the Magoon Research and Teaching Facility; Approved by CTAHR Faculty Senate on 2/17/12.)
      • Resolution
      • Discussion: Alternative site being considered is where the current College of Education is located. VC Cutshaw noted that consultants have been hired to determine what faculty needs are and what sites are buildable. It was noted that the current CTAHR and Education sites are very good; so much thought should be give to whether any changes should be made. Regarding parking, Cutshaw noted that there is no priority given to Manoa faculty. Vote: passed 55:4.
    • Resolution Relating to the Recruitment of Native Hawaiian Faculty and Staff at UH Manoa

The following items on the agenda were deferred at 4:15 pm for the next session of the Manoa Faculty Senate so that the Manoa Faculty Congress could be convened.

Respectfully submitted,
Richard W. Chadwick
Secretary, MFS