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Minutes, Agendas & Reports: 2011-12

University of Hawaii at Manoa Faculty Senate: April 18, 2012

Architecture Auditorium/ Arch 205; 3:00 - 5:00 pm



Absent (7)
Chizuko Allen; Henry Lew; Barry Lienert; Robert Richmond; H. Ronald Riggs; Kelly Roberts; Raul Rudoy

Excused (12)
Ronald Bontekoe; James Caron; Thomas Ernst; Brian Glazer; Lilikala Kameeleihiwa; Kenneth Kipnis; Mark Levin; Dongmei Li; Thanh Truc Nguyen; Karol Richardson; Janice Shoultz; Douglas Vincent

Present (66)
Venkataraman Balaraman; Marguerite Butler; James Cartwright; John Casken; Richard Chadwick; William Chain; Williamson Chang; Beei-Huan Chao; William Chapman; Donna Ching; Thomas Conway; Michael Cooney; Robert Cooney; Robert Cowie; Linda Cox; Martha Crosby; Sandra Davis; Saori Doi; David Duffy; Tim Dye; Ariana Eichelberger; Guliz Erdem; David Ericson; Jing Guo; Debora Halbert; Cynthia Hew; Peter Hoffmann; Wei Huang; Joseph Jarrett; David Leake; Chin Lee; Spencer Leineweber; Ingrid Lin; Scott Lozanoff; Bonnyjean Manini; Patricia Masters; Jennifer Matsuda; Dore Minatodani; Luciano Minerbi; Joyce Najita; Beau Nakamoto; Richard Nettell; Torben Nielsen; Lawrence Nitz; Ian Pagano; Raymond Panko; Carol Plummer; Hamid Pourjalali; Benito Quintana; Stacey Roberts; Scott Rowland; Todd Sammons; Lilia Santiago; Ekaterina Sherstyuk; Victor Stenger; Carolyn Stephenson; Ashley Stokes; Jane Uyehara-Lock; Cynthia Ward; Pal Wessel; Kelley Withy; Annette Wong; Brandon Yoza; Halina Zaleski; Kate Zhou; Herbert Ziegler; Pavel Zinin


Naomi Arincorayan; Brent Fujikara; Amy Schafer; Martin Rayner; Gwen Sinclair; David Ross; Wendy Pearson; Ashley Maynard; Wendy Sora

Guest: Chief of Campus Security & Emergency Management Wayne Ogino (Security); 4:00 - 4:15 pm

Final Report: Motion to Approve Spring 2012 Committee on Athletics Report (motions were voted on separately)

Final Motion: Motion to Approve Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry (Approved; unanimous)

Final Motion: Motion in Support of Developing Policies on Faculty Housing at UH Manoa (Approved; 51 in support; 2 against)

Final Resolution: Resolution on Role of Specialist Faculty in Teaching (Approved; 39 in support; 2 against)

Final Motion: Motion to Approve Partner Hire Policy as Amended (Approved; 30 in support; 6 against)

Vote deferred to May 2 Senate meeting.


Guest: Chief of Campus Security & Emergency Management Wayne Ogino (Security); 4:15-4:30 PM: Discussed what happened last Friday, an alert just before noon about a domestic argument outside Jefferson Hall. Alert generated a lot of concern. Encouraged us to go to campus security website and sign up, left a “green sheet” outside. Three things to when an alert is issued: 1) check to seek what the situation is, get a good description of the situation, 2) call 66911, 3) care: make clear decisions to stay or leave. Secure if you stay Survival can be threatened. Discussion ensued about safety.



  • Next public talk by final Chancellor candidate will be this Friday.
  • Search committee will wrap up by weekend. Purpose: send three to five names, unranked, to President Greenwood.
  • PBRC Director appointment. History reviewed. Positive developments: Administration had hoped to close PBRC, Board of Regents did not vote to do that, but no movement since while PBRC was slowly being strangled to death. Last week the President met with PBRC and talks are ongoing. Hope that our request for a new Interim Director will be honored. Joint resolution from CORGE and CAB relating to this remains tabled for now.
  • Notice re scholarships for children of faculty. In last contract we had a $250,000 provision for scholarships. Turned out it was in toto, not on an annual basis. Actually not a lot of money when you look at executive expenditures in general and this is one that comes back to UH in the form of tuition. Administration not made any effort although the wording in our contract says the admin. “will seek” funding for additional years.
  • Final meeting of MFS for the semester in 2 weeks, May 2nd. Committees: should get all supporting documents to Kristin before the meeting, please, even if not complete.
  • Hope to get out, via Survey Monkey a survey on what the SEC can do better in the coming year and to identify issues for next year. Probably in the next two weeks.
  • Newly elected senators will be at our last meeting as well as outgoing. All will be able to vote
  • Call for volunteers to be committee members [who do not have to be senators]. Basic tenet of Faculty Senate is that the MFS appoints to committees, not administration. We have fought long and hard for this principle, arguing that it avoids the appearance that committees are selected to support administrative positions, as well as asserts our right to make the appointments.
  • I-Clicker quiz for fun and practice



    • Motion to Endorse Committee on Athletics Spring 2012 Report
      • Report: Pdf Word
      • Presented by Committee on Athletics
        Carryover from March Senate meeting
      • Kelly Withy presented Four recommendations to go to SEC to discuss with Chancellor: (1) internet access for all athletes, (2) facilities redesign done without student input, so Student Athlete Advisory Committee recommended to participate, (3) faculty accommodation requested for athletic travel, mindful of necessity for travel limits (Faculty Handbook encourages such support), (4) some majors are foreclosed to athletes because of scheduling problems for lab work, architecture workload (students literally live there, one teacher told; this was debatable according to some).
      • Some discussion followed with friendly amendments recommended. Question arose about providing internet access in terms of costs and usage. Committee felt very strongly that such access should be provided.
      • Motion made to divide the motion into separate parts. Seconded. Passed 44:9.
      • Vote on part A: accepted 48:3.
      • Vote on part B: accepted 52:4.
      • Vote on part C: (53:2 to close discussion at 3:57pm) accepted 52:4.
      • Vote on part D: not accepted 21:30.
    • Motion to Approve Proposal for a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Biochemistry and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Biochemistry

UH has no degree of any kind in the biochemistry field. The proposed two degrees differ with respect to their target (BA for medical careers, BS for research science. Question about new courses and the need to hire additional faculty; there's an open search currently for one person and several years down the road another, however current faculty are adequate for the present. MSP vote: approved unanimously, 56:0.

Halina Zaleski presented. Resolution needed to make clear that specialists may teach and conduct research. MSP vote: approved 39:2.

Halina Zaleski presented. Resolution needed to make clear that receiving department may go through the details of the selection process and vote whether to accept the person into the department. Friendly amendment made on definition of a “partner” by the chancellor's office to clean up the language. Discussion regarded “committed relationships.” Question about scope: does it apply only to tenure track positions? The policy also addresses retention. CPM discussed wording consistent with domestic partners; used alternative wording as “life partners.” If they lie you can fire them. The suggested amendment in language characterizing partners required a Senator to made the amendment formally as it was not deemed to be a "friendly amendment". Robert asked if any Senator wish to make the amendment. There being none the resolution was not amended. Vote on partner hire resolution: approved 36:4.

Debora Halbert presented. General discussion on difference between objectives and outcomes. Motion made to defer to next meeting and 2nd ed.Vote approved 30:6.

CPM and CORGE postponed consideration of the resolution until the next meeting, needing more time to resolve some issues.


    • Motion to Endorse 2012-13 Strategic Plan Implementation Committee (SPIC) Initiatives (Issue #68) (for a vote at May 2 Senate meeting)
      • Motion to Endorse Graduate Education Initiative

Robert Cooney noted this is not for a vote today but will be considered at the May meeting. Urged that all familiarize themselves with the issue prior to that meeting.


Respectfully submitted,
Richard W. Chadwick
MFS Secretary






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