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Senate Newsletter - Fall 2013

Manoa-Wide Committee Updates

Reports submitted from faculty representatives on 2013-14 Manoa Campus Committees are included below. Our Manoa Campus Committee Archive contains complete information about faculty representatives appointed by the Manoa Faculty Senate to campus committees, including descriptions and membership lists.

Athletics Advisory Board (AAB)

The Athletics Advisory Board held its first meeting of the year on November 14. After a lengthy report from Athletics Director Ben Jay regarding Athletics Department finances, the Board organized itself into three committees, each of which will present a report at one of the three meetings in the spring: Academic Integrity and Student-Athlete Welfare, each of which will report on the Department’s progress in meeting the goals outlined in the 2010 NCAA Certification Self-Study; and an ad hoc committee on Concussions, that will examine UHM’s policies in relation to evolving best practices.

Peter NicholsonFaculty Athletics Representative


Awards Committee (AC)

The Awards Committee was reconfigured last spring as the UH Manoa Awards Committee. It was convened by Wendy Pearson, the program director in the OVCAA. I was subsequently nominated to chair the committee. The membership includes six faculty members, three deans, two students, and one representative from the UH Foundation. The committee met with Chancellor Apple on May 5, with the VCAA Reid Dasenbrock on August 23, and then on September 9. The main work of the committee has been to review applications for honorary degrees and to identify possible Commencement speakers. The Chancellor encouraged the committee to be more proactive in seeking out nominees. Because of the confidential nature of the process, I cannot share names of specific individuals; however, the committee developed a process for soliciting suggestions and then ranking them through the process of consensus. We have a list a dozen or so possible speakers from the local community as well as nationally and internationally known figures. They come from an array of fields: government, arts, business, education, journalism, and sustainability. If any members of the faculty have ideas of possible nominees for honorary degrees and/or Commencement speakers, I will be happy to forward them to the UHM Awards Committee. 

Finally, Wendy has announced that she will be moving to a new position in the OVCAA. Her replacement will be introduced to the Awards Committee in the near future. 

Saundra Schwartz, Assistant Professor of History


Campus Safety and Security Advisory Committee (CSSAC)

The Outreach Subcommittee, an off-shoot of the Campus Security and Emergency Management Advisory Committee, established that there is a need for more awareness of and education about Campus Security and Emergency Management (CSEM) and the services provided. Some members commented that university alerts create the perception of an unsafe campus, especially when picked up by the media. Bridging the gap between perception and reality was suggested. Faculty support regarding the rights and protocol for handling disruptive students was also discussed as well as the need for guidance on evacuation procedures, i.e. recent Campus Center gas leaks. One member suggested that more resources are needed for these endeavor. 

Initial Suggestions: Posters with simple messages with “Call 911” could be the cornerstone and 6-SAFE could be used in place of 6911. The amended posters could be posted at strategic location and at bus stops where there is high traffic. The phrase “see something, say something” received a positive response.

Coordination with department chairs and building managers regarding safety and evacuation procedures was suggested, especially in regards to new student/faculty/employee orientation.

In an informal poll of three English classes, one member discovered that few students knew university emergency numbers or that a security escort service was available. In addition, student’s who live in dorms on campus knew little of evacuation protocols. For faculty and students in Kuykendall Hall, there is no information on evacuation procedures.

Kristin McAndrewsEnglish


Classroom Use Policy Implementation Group (CUPIG)

Committee has not yet met this semester.

Douglas VincentCenter for Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources
Tim HallidayEconomics


Institutional Learning Objectives Implementation Committee


The ILO Implementation Committee met bi-weekly throughout the semester to continue implementation of the ILOs.  Along with the on-going discussion of how best to measure and assess the ILOs, the following is a brief list of our accomplishments this semester:

  • Met with OVCAA Reed Dasenbrock to seek clarity regarding the charge of the committee.
  • Drafted a memo that articulates the ways in which the ILOs align with the core competencies WASC requires for accreditation.  This memo was distributed to MAC, CAP, and GEC for comment and will be revised accordingly. 
  • Completed our ILO “roadshow” and have now met with all the colleges and programs at UH.  As a result, deans, directors, and department chairs have been made aware of the ILOs and how they can and should relate to the SLOs. 
  • Solicited and received a design for the layout of the ILOs as a brochure.  Upon the completion of this brochure, the ILOs will be more easily communicated to faculty and students.
  • Discussed the relationship of ILOs to student co-curricular activities and how to best assess these. 

Remaining this semester and one of our initial goals for the Spring semester include:

  • Meet with Lori Ideta and Bonnyjean Manini to discuss co-curricular programming and assessment in more detail.
  • Meet with Faculty Senate (early spring semester).  We seek to bring the issue of ILO implementation back to the faculty senate so the senate can be more clearly informed on the progress of the committee and what will need to be done to implement the ILOs. 
  • Request a budget to develop initiatives, brochures, and other events associated with the implementation of the ILOs. 

Debora Halbert, Chair

Manoa Experience Workgroup (MEWG)

Committee has not met this semester.

Patricia Masters, Student Equity, Excellence and Diversity


Undergraduate Research Opportunities Council (UROC)

The goal of the UROC is to fund undergraduate student research across the disciplines. The funds are administered by the UH Honors Program. The UROC committee met twice in Fall ‘14 to discuss the funding cycle and to deliberate decisions. Each committee member scored approximately twenty applications and provided detailed comments to the student and the committee.

Here are the statistics for the Fall ’14 cycle for the entire UROC committee (including several faculty members not recruited by the UHMFS):

• 83 projects were reviewed
• 56 projects were funded
• $323,903 total funds requested
• $242,923 funds awarded

Shana Brown, History


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