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> Purpose

The purpose of the University of Hawai'i All Campus Council of Faculty Senate Chairs (ACCFSC) is to provide a formal, independent voice and organization through which the faculty of the University of Hawai'i System can participate in the development and interpretation of system-wide policy, and to promote and improve coordination, communication, and understanding among the faculty, students, community, administration, and Board of Regents.
(ACCFSC Charter; Article 1)

> Functions

Specifically, the Council should endeavor:
1. To advise the President of the University and the Faculty Senates or equivalent organizations on system-wide academic and governance issues;
2. To share information regarding the various campuses and programs of the University of Hawai'i System;
3. To promote an open, democratic, and collegial discussion of issues of system-wide concern;
4. To promote the involvement of faculty at all levels of the University in matters of shared go
(ACCFSC Charter; Article 1)

> Scope

The Council may discuss matters that are of general concern to the University, not subject to collective bargaining, and which are placed before it by members of the Council, the constituent University of Hawai'i Faculty Senates, the student governments, the University of Hawai'i President, other administrative officers of the University of Hawai'i, or the Board of Regents.

The primary responsibility for academic policy resides in individual Senates; therefore, policy recommendations of the All Campus Council of Faculty Senate Chairs shall not supersede academic policies of the individual Senates
(ACCFSC Charter; Article 1)

> Structure

The Council shall consist of one Senate Chair from each of the Faculty Senates or equivalent faculty governance organizations from each campus, school, and college of the University of Hawai'i System.
(ACCFSC Charter; Article 2)

> Committees

The Council shall appoint from among its members (and/or from other Faculty Senators as it deems appropriate) sufficient committee members to fill the following standing committees:
1. Academic Affairs;
2. System Budget.
(ACCFSC Bylaws; Section IV)




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