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Communicate with the Senate

CAB Report on Proposed MS in Finance, July 9, 2003

College of Languages, Linguistics, and Literature
Department of Second Language Studies

July 9, 2003

TO: Manoa Faculty Senate Executive Committee
FROM: Robert Bley-Vroman
Chair, Manoa Faculty Senate Committee on Administration and Budget
RE: Proposed MS in Finance

The Committee on Administration and Budget has reviewed the proposal of the College of Business Administration (CBA) for a "self-sustaining" "off-line" executive MS in Finance. This proposal was forwarded to CAB by the Committee on Academic Policy and Planning (CAPP), because CAPP felt that the proposal should not go forward until concerns regarding budgetary and administrative aspects of the proposal were addressed.

CAB sees two important general issues raised by the proposal.

  1. Faculty compensation and workload.

    The extension of the concept of "consulting" to cover overload teaching in UH academic programs is problematic.

  2. Distribution of "profits" from entrepreneurial education.

    Under the proposed program, a special tuition would be set for the program, and all net revenue ("profit") from the program would be retained by CBA.

    CAB notes the lack of a comprehensive University policy dealing with the concept of "profits" of entrepreneurial education and the distribution of such profits.

CAB's position is the following:

  1. CAB is not opposed in principle to programs of this kind. Our desire is to ensure that approval of such programs be made on the basis of general policy, openly formulated and fully debated.
  2. No action should be taken by the Senate on the proposed MS in Finance until a policy has been formulated and reviewed by the Senate.
  3. The Chancellor should propose a policy dealing with entrepreneurial education which addresses the issues of compensation and workload raised by this proposal. This should be undertaken as a matter of urgency.
  4. We suggest that the Chancellor's Task Force of Educational Entrepreneurship should take the lead in drafting a policy. It may be valuable for CAB to be represented on the Task Force.
  5. When the Chancellor has formulated a policy, that policy should be submitted to the Senate for review in the usual way.

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