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State of Hawai'i
University of Hawai'i at Mānoa

Office of the Vice Chancellor for Finance and Campus Operations

Functional Statement


A. Overview: The office of the Vice Chancellor for Finance and Campus Operations is responsible for all auxiliary enterprises, facilities and grounds maintenance, campus security, environmental health and safety, physical resource planning, capital improvement programs, and financial planning and analysis. The office is provided with appropriate authority to effectively and efficiently accomplish its responsibilities.

B. Office Positions: The Vice Chancellor for Finance and Campus Operations is supported by Mānoa Auxiliary Enterprises, Campus Security, Facilities and Grounds Management, Environmental Health and Safety, Office of Physical Resource Planning, and the Office of Financial Planning and Analysis.

C. Authority: The office has the authority to develop and promulgate policies for compliance with all campus operations and financial planning within executive and Board policies and to take appropriate action to effectively and efficiently operate the campus and to engage in long term financial and physical planning.

D. Interaction With Others: The office administers day-to-day campus operations and long term financial planning while working in consultation with student, staff, faculty groups, deans and directors and other vice chancellors to assure that services to these constituencies meet their needs. The office also works closely with private venders where such services are provided via contract and works with system offices as well as counterparts at other campuses. The office reports directly to the Chancellor. The office also maintains close working relations with the University Chief Financial Officer and University Director of Capital Improvement Projects.


In support of and under the direction of the Chancellor, the office provides leadership in planning, coordinating, and directing the financial planning, analysis and reporting; campus operations; capital improvement programs, and campus support programs for the University of Hawai'i at Mānoa. Financial planning and analysis, campus operations and support service programs include auxiliary services, business development, campus security, facilities management, physical resource planning, environmental health and safety, and other programs such as bookstore operations, homeland security, and support services that may be extended to other University systems.

The office is actively developing new initiatives for a financial reporting system, campus safety, civil defense management and homeland security, establishing guidelines and policies to addressing the maintenance and repair of campus facilities and the ever- vast growing demand of physical space planning.

The Office of the Vice Chancellor for Finance and Campus Operations provides the following services:

-- Develops innovative plans and initiatives with respect to financial management and planning and campus operations within a resource development framework; long and short-range planning; and provide program direction to ensure support to the Mānoa campus.

-- Develops and implements policies, procedures, and reporting requirements pertaining to financial management and campus operations.

-- Establishes overall policies on campus operations and ensures effective management methods and appropriate financial controls are used.

-- Creates processes that insure the broad inclusion of campus constituencies in the collaborative development of plans, policies, and procedures for operational services and programs.

-- Develops and administers programs to provide for a safe campus environment and to ensure compliance with applicable UH policies, federal, state, and county regulations relating to environment and occupational health and safety.

-- Performs functions of a Civil Defense Coordinator and Homeland Security Coordinator for the University.

-- Administers long-range plans for the development of facilities to ensure that campus growth is consistent with the University's Master Plan.

-- Advises the Chancellor and other senior executives on UH Mānoa financial planning and analysis and campus operations issues and programs.

-- Collects and implements informational data to develop and maintain physical resource management.

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