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Manoa Faculty Senate Chair's Report, October 20, 2004

The following items have dominated Senate affairs since the September meeting.

1. Reorganizations. We are dealing with both the Manoa Chancellor's reorganization and the recently released system reorganization plan. Both are posted on the web at the Chancellor's and VPAA web sites , respectively. A number of Senate committees are reviewing these plans. CAPP will deliver a brief report on the system reorg today. On 10/18 the SEC met with then Acting President David McClain to discuss several matters including the system reorg.

2. Doctoral proposals from Hilo. There are two, a Pharmacy degree (PharmD) and a PhD in Hawaiian Language and Indigenous Language Revitalization. Both are on the agenda for the 10/22 Board of Regents meeting in Hilo. The SEC has commented through the All Campus Council of Faculty Senate Chairs and directly to Acting President McClain. The Senate will be receiving a report from CAPP on the PhD proposal today.

3. Biennium Budget Process. Still proceeding. The Council of Chancellors Budget Advisory Group still meets; most recently with Dennis Jones ( consultant) and with Student Government leaders. The group will meet monthly to monitor the process.

4. University Affiliated Research Center was discussed at the September Senate meeting and is continuing to be discussed by Committee on Research.

5. Lyon Arboretum. Two task forces are forming, one a community group and one a research group. The Senate is providing participants to both.

6. Review of Chancellor. The President has hired a consultant, a former university President to conduct a 360 review of the Chancellor who is in his third year of a three-year appointment. The President and Chancellor discussed the format and candidate reviewers. A total of 40 individuals participated including a number of faculty leaders.

7. This year's budget. Allocations from the system were released last week. RTRF was released at least a month earlier.

8. Vice Chancellor for Research and Graduate Education. Appointment should be announced Friday 10/22 by the Board.

9. Centennial celebration. Committees have been appointed to begin the planning for the University's centennial.

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