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Manoa Faculty Senate
Standing Committee on Student Affairs
Activities Report for AY 2005-2006

Committee Members: David Bangert , Jerry Comcowich, Mike DeMattos, John Haig, Patrick Kamakawiwoole, Richard Manshardt, Dianne Mark, Joe Ramos (Richard Allsopp and Karen Kennedy-both retired from CSA). Chair: Joe W. Ramos; SEC Liaison: Martha Staff

Our committee considered 4 issues in depth: 1) the Alcohol Policy in Dorms, 2) a Student driven Recycling initiative, 3) Financial Aide/Tuition Waivers, and 4) Enrollment Management.

To understand the new alcohol policy and how it was developed, we obtained the memos issued by the administration on the topic including recommendations made by Associate Dean Ron Cambra and Former Chancellor Peter Englert, student and newspaper reports regarding the policy, and the Report "Alcohol and Drug Prevention at UHM: Education, Enforcement, and Alternative Programs" issued by the UHM Student Housing Services. In addition committee chair Joe Ramos discussed the policy by phone with Ron Cambra and the CSA met with Wayne Acting Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Wayne Iwaoka and Nancy Stockert (who is PI on two federally funded grants for alcohol and drug intervention and education). A memo has been drafted for the SEC.

Concerning the PUBA Capstone recycling initiative, we met with student representative Tricia Eidsmore. This resulted in a draft resolution which CSA is still considering. If this is not resolved in this Senate session, we recommend that the CSA continue work on it in the 2006-07 academic year. Certainly, the CSA would support enhanced recycling efforts, by student groups and in conjunction with the UHM's Sustainability office and guiding committee.

With regard to financial aide and tuition waivers, CSA continues to seek more information. We have specifically discussed both financial aide and tuition waivers in our meeting with interim Chancellor Denise Konan and interim Vice Chancellor for Students Wayne Iwaoka. The CSA received a copy of system Vice President Linda Johnsrud's financial assistance proposal for the system late in fall 2005. We understand she will soon take it to the BOR. The impact of her proposal for Manoa is a significant increase in the percentage of need-based (as opposed to merit) financial assistance over the next 5 years. We believe that CSA should continue to monitor progress of the proposal, and if it passes the BOR, then CSA should stay involved in discussions on the implementation.

We discussed the need for enrollment management at great length in committee and in meeting with Denise Konan and Wayne Iwaoka. SEC liaison Martha Staff also obtained input on this issue from Neal Smatresk. A resolution supporting a new focus on enrollment management was drafted and has been presented to the Senate for vote.

In addition to the discussions listed above we had a very general meeting with Interim Chancellor Denise Konan and Interim Vice Chancellor Wayne Iwaoka to explore their thoughts on student needs and priorities. Committee members have also attended a fact finding meeting for the Vice Chancellor for Students position and will attend an upcoming meeting regarding enrollment management.

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