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Background Information about UARCs

Revised Draft UARC Contract
Replaced earlier draft on MCO UARC webpage. Changes include additional clauses to Section C.5 (Access to Proprietary Data...), page 15, changes in wording in section H.5 (Disclosure of Information) and an additional section H.16, Intellectual Property Rights after Termination, page 44.

Draft UARC Contract
Released October 7, 2005, 85 pages. Appendices: Exhibits A; Attachment 1, Task Preparation Instructions; Task Order Form; DD 254 (Department of Defense Contract Security Classification Specifications). Attachment 3, Subcontracting Plan for Utilization of Small Business, stamp dated August 8, 2005, Attachment 4, Government Furnished Property is not needed at this point.

Revised UARC Business/Management Plan
Second revision, following presentation to neighborhood gropu, November 3, 2005

Revised UARC Business/Management Plan
Posted October 3, 2005

Business/Management Plan
Released September 12, 2005 by the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research describes organization of UH UARC at the UH Manoa campus.

University Affiliated Research Center (UARC) defined
"UARCs are not-for-profit, private sector organizations affiliated with, or part of, universities or colleges that maintain essential research, development and engineering capabilities needed by sponsoring DoD components. The UARCs are a recent DoD designation of university affiliated laboratories doing over $2 million of core work annually for DoD using management guidelines tailored to their unique structure. They too maintain long-term strategic relationships with sponsoring DoD components in specific core areas and operate in the public interest, free from real or perceived conflicts of interest."...UARCs are financed through long-term, non-competitive contracts awarded by sponsoring DoD components for specified core work." (A-19, Report of the Defense Science Board Task Force on Federally Funded Research and Development Centers (FFRDC) and University Affiliatate Research Centers (UARC), Independent Advisory Task Force, January 1997)

Designation of UH Manoa UARC Approved
The Office of the Director of Defense Research and Engineering, Department of Defense, Ronald Sega, notified Interim Vice President of Research Jim Gaines of the approved designation on July 8, 2004. (Nov. 18, 2004 Minutes of BOR)

Initial Cost to the University of Hawaii
$1.5 to 2 million annually, projected for 3 to 5 years. $1 million from Manoa Chancellor's Research and Training Revolving Funds (RTRF) and $.5 million from the office of the UH Vice President for Research. (Nov. 18, 2004 Minutes of BOR)

Report of the Manoa Faculty Senate Ad Hoc Committee on Proprietary and Classified Research
Report delivered to the March 16, 2005 Senate meeting, with accompanying resolution: BE IT RESOLVED that the Manoa Faculty Senate affirms that the University of Hawaii at Manoa support only research for which there is a reasonable expectation that timely publication of the results of the research will not be restricted by its sponsor. [passed]

Background Documents
UH Board of Regents Minutes, November 18, 2004
Board of Regents meeting in which UARC was presented to BOR by Chancellor Englert requested that the Board approve the establishment of an Applied Research Laboratory (pp. 9-12)

ARL Technical Proposal Cover Letter, February 4, 2005
Letter from Vice-Chancellor for Research, Gary Ostrander, to Linda Squires of the Naval Sea Systems Command outlining a proposal from the UH Manoa Applied Research Laboratory in response to a NAVSEA RFP N00024-05-R-6234 (S). Volume I describes "proposed research and development work over the next five years," Volume II provides "cost and pricing information," and Volume III provides a "fee proposal and justification."

ARL Technical Proposal, Volume I, accompanied letter of February 4, 2005
Volume I of proposal submitted by UH Manoa administration that outlines core research expertise at UH Manoa. Volume II and III have not been released to the Faculty Senate.

University of Hawaii at Manoa Proposed University Affiliated Research Center
An overview of the proposed UARC, including background, core competencies, organization.

Awards from Department of Defense at UH Manoa July 1, 2004-April 13, 2005
List of grant amounts and proposed research with DoD funding (Naval Research Laboratory, Department ofArmy, Tripler Army Medical Center, Department of Air Force, etc.)

Transcript of Public UARC Sessions April 6, 2005
Open discussions held by Chancellor Englert and Vice-Chancellor Ostrander on the Manoa campus.

Transcript of Public UARC Sessions April 7, 2005
Second open forum hosted by Chancellor Englert to discuss the UARC.

Transcript of Public UARC Sessions April 21, 2005
Last of the scheduled open discussions hosted by Chancellor Englert

Minutes of September 15, 2004 Manoa Faculty Senate Meeting
Senate meeting in which UARC or Applied Research Laboratory proposal was introduced to UHM Faculty Senate. Vassilis Syrmos presented powerpoint presentation. Minutes reflect document discussion about proposal.

Manoa Faculty Senate Executive Committee Resolution, November 17, 2004
Resolution regarding proposed Applied Research Laboratory at UHM. Resolution passed at November 17, 2004 MFS meeting. For discussion see Minutes of Nov 17, 2004 Senate Meeting

Frequently Asked Questions about the Proposed University Affiliated Research Center (UARC)
Prepared by the Chancellor's office.

Navy denies UARC to most colleges, March 4, 2005
Article by Ka Leo staff writer Bart Abbott, interview with Vassilis Syrmos; gives history of the development of a UARC proposal.

Research and Development Deliverables under Government Contracts, Grants, Cooperative Agreements and CRADAs: University Roles, Government Responsibilities and Contractor Rights by Danielle Conway-Jones, UH Professor of Law, article in press, Computer Law Review and Technology Journal, Fall, 2005.
Discusses intellectual property and patent rights in research performed under federal government funded contracts.

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